Beauty Experiment: Duri nail polish

Anne Houseman puts Duri polish to the test

Bridal Bells by Duri

As a self-professed OPI snob (who doesn’t love turning over the bottle to read its clever color name?), I was skeptical about trying out new nail polishes. But I’m willing to make this ultimate sacrifice in the name of beauty research.

I’m starting my quest with Duri, found in salons world-wide.  To help push me out of winter blahs, I decided on a pretty pale opaque pink with lilac undertones called Wedding Vows (#501) from Duri’s new spring “Pas-tel Me About It” line. That was the first pleasant surprise – a fabulous name!

The brush is the typical, small brush (strike one, since I’ve been spoiled with OPI’s wider brush), but I was still able to polish my nails without getting the streaky look or painting outside the lines…much.  Of course, that’s just because I’m pretty bad at it, which is why I love getting a professional manicure. Duri also dried very quickly, a MAJOR plus since I always manage to smudge my nails within 10 minutes, and I get too lazy to redo them.

But does Duri endure as long as my dear OPI?  Here’s what I found:

Day Three: Almost as good as Day One

Day One: Perfectly polished nails

Day Two: Still holding strong (even after prying a tab open on a Diet Coke and washing dishes by hand)

Day Three*: A minor chip, but completely my fault for trying to pry a key off a keyring.

THE BOTTOM LINE? Duri polish is pretty, inexpensive ($5), and it lasts – a great find that will become a permanent fixture in my stockpile of polish.

Snag your own pretty polishes at a salon near you, by calling 1-800-724-2216 or at

*Anne Houseman believes that three days is the true test for long-lasting polish, given the rough way she treats her nails

  • gigi

    I may or may not be responsible for the chip due to the key ring…don't hate.