Beauty Experiment: Phyto Hair Treatments

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kristin Culan, the resident Phyto expert at the Ted Gibson Salon in Chevy Chase, MD. From the first time Kristin was able to check out my visibly dry hair, she had a plan to help transform my over-processed locks into glistening, healthy hair.

phytopolleineTo start off my hair transformation, I started with an intensive Phyto treatment at the salon. Kristin treated my scalp with Phytopolleine, an essential oil mixture that stimulates the hair bulb, preserves a healthy scalp and helps boost keratin production. Then she added a mixture of Phyto Huile d’Ales and PhytoSesame Conditioner to my hair and placed me under a hair steamer for about 25 minutes. Afterwards, my hair was silky smooth and softer than it had been in some time.

Kristin admittedly said, “It will really take about one month for the products to make a real difference. Sure, your hair will feel different on the surface, but to really make a difference where the health of your scalp is concerned or how your hair behaves, it will take a few weeks to make a dramatic change.” So, to get the real benefits, she sent me home with enough sample products to last for one month.

To revamp my hair, which is colored at home every three to four weeks, it would take a few products to address all of the damage I do to my very short hair. Kristin prescribed a weekly home scalp and huile treatment to be left on overnight. She also suggested a weekly treatment shampoo and conditioner as well as an every-other day shampoo and conditioner. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a lot of keep track of. However, Kristin had thoughtfully given me a schedule to follow, which made it much easier.

Here are some things you should know (and my mom-in-law will yell at me if I don’t disclose the following):

phyto huiles d'ales The essential oils in the scalp treatment are strongly scented. While it wasn’t a scent I would have chosen, I got over it based on the results I saw after a week. I don’t think it’s bad, it’s just strong.

The huile makes your hair soft like butter. The transformation after using this is pretty impressive.

None of these treatments are particularly recession friendly. That said, if you waste money on trying product after product that doesn’t work, you are wasting time and money, so you should take that into consideration. All of the products mentioned are priced in the $30-50 range.

It’s been one month since my initial treatment at the Ted Gibson Salon. The verdict? My hair is incredibly soft. It shines similarly to glass, with no additional product. My scalp is not dry and itchy, like the rest of me. And I would swear my hair has grown much faster in the last 30 days than it did previously, which I attribute to the weekly scalp treatments.

Here are the details on my full regimen:

Weekly Treatment: Overnight treatment of Phytopolleine and Huile d’Ales.

phytokariteWeekly Shampoo and Conditioner: I used Phytonectar Shampoo and Phytokarite Masque. Phytonectar uses revitalizing soy extracts to help hydrate very dry hair. Phytokarite inlcudes vitamin E and hydrolyzed keratin to rebuild the hair protect it from outside stressors. Phytonectar uses revitalizing soy extracts to help hydrate very dry hair.

Every Other Day Shampoo and Conditioner: I used the Phytojoba Shampoo and Intense Hydrating Hair Masque. The Phytojoba shampoo helps preserve the hair’s integrity, while leaving it velvety soft and supple. The conditioner helps to nourish and protect the hair, while helping it retain its natural moisture.

To kick off your Phyto treatment, call the Ted Gibson Salon closest to you and schedule your treatment. You will thank me later!

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Photos: Phyto