Finger-Licking-Good Nails: Nubar Chocolate Truffled Collection

As those long-time readers know, I have a weird affinity for chocolate. So much so that I have tested a whole slew of chocolate products from lip balm to bath fizzes and hand lotion to face masques. What I had not tried yet was chocolate-inspired nail polish, but thanks to the generous gift from Nubar, BX readers, you can rest easy, because I have now tested the new Nubar Chocolate Truffled Collection, available online now.

I must say I was skeptical at first. Brown nails? Maybe I was just scarred from the time in the 7th grade when the cute boy made fun of my brown nail polish and said it looked like…well I’ll let you use your imagination for what mature simile he came up with. After mustering up the courage, I broke out the six new colors, all named for delicious confectionery namesakes, and lacquered up my nails.

nubar chocolate handmilk chocolate creme

Each color is rich and decadent in its own right, and to my surprise, there is a wide range of colors and depths.

  • Raspberry Truffle is the richest shade with its deep purple-tinged brown hue and slight shimmer.
  • Chocolate Caramel is the furthest from traditional brown with its golden hue — it seriously looks like I dipped my finger into a bowl of caramel.
  • Cherry Cordial lies more on the bronze side of the brown spectrum and has little to no shimmer.
  • Swiss Chocolate has no shimmer and is a nice balance between a dark brown and a lighter camel.
  • Chocolate Coffee Bean is the darkest shade and the closest to my notion of traditional brown — you might even confuse it for black in some lighting.
  • Last but not least, Milk Chocolate Crème seems to be a slightly lighter version of Swiss Chocolate. It also has no shimmer but skews more caramel than dark chocolate.

While I like all six shades, my top picks are Chocolate Caramel, Cherry Cordial and Raspberry Truffle. I prefer the shades with a slight shimmer, and coincidently, those are three of my favorite types of chocolates. Coincidence of Nubar’s carefully crafted plan?