Need a Good Gel Eyeliner? Try Paula’s Choice.

paula's choice liner 3If eyes are the windows to our souls, there’s nothing wrong with a little home decorating. While eyeshadow brings color and mascara elongates luscious lashes, nothing will enhance the shape of your eye like the perfect liner.

Paula’s Choice Constant Color Gel Eyeliner, created by “The Cosmetics Cop” herself, Paula Begoun, is a must have when it comes to achieving every liner look, from au naturale to sultry smoky. It comes in four shades for varying moods, Onyx (blackest black), Earthen (medium brown), Espresso (dark brown) and Nightfall (deep plum) and is fragrance and cruelty-free.

As the case for most gel or liquid liners, when it comes to eyeliner application, you’re only as good as your liner brush. With a fine tipped point brush, use sweeping motions at the edge on your lid line. The gel glides on smooth, but not too creamy or wet. With a flat tipped brush, use tapping motions at the root of your lashes. The gel doesn’t bleed, keeping a precise line intact hours on end.

paula's choice linerCalling this gel liner water resistance is quite the understatement — it’s water defiant. It hardly smudges at all in contact with H2O and requires more than one application of makeup remover to completely disappear.

Paula’s Choice Constant Color Gel Eyeliner is available at for $12.95. Other products by Paula’s Choice include skin care, makeup, body and hair care, beauty tools and accessories.

Photos: Paula’s Choice
Disclaimer: Products were furnished complimentary for review.