Paint the Town with Estee Lauder’s ‘Ultimate Red’ Holiday Collection

HR_HoliColorModelIt’s no secret I’ve had a love affair with Estée Lauder since I was old enough to afford the products (I used to save up babysitting money just to buy a new bronzer).  Throughout the years, the collections have changed with each season, but my love for the brand has remained strong. This unwavering adoration runs in the family, and every holiday, my mom and sister have a coveted Estée Lauder item (or two) on their wish lists.

This holiday season, Estée Lauder gives us another reason to make sure Santa knows we’ve been “nice” with Ultimate Red, a luxe cosmetics collection comprised of rich reds, decadent golds and plush plums. Encased in gilded packaging (how glam!) the limited edition collection comes in two “looks” (warm and cool) to complement different skin tones and hair colors. But with both looks, one thing’s clear – this season is all about smoldering eyes, glistening skin and a luscious pout.

Hol-09-Color-Story-Look-1-RedLook 1:

  • Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Gold Opulence ($35.00)
  • Signature Lipstick in Gold ($19.50)
  • Signature Lipstick in Simply Red ($19.50)
  • Opulent Shimmer Gloss in Gold ($18.00)
  • Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Gold ($18.00)

Look 2:Hol-09-Color-Story-Look-2-Berry

  • Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Lavish Plum ($35.00)
  • Signature Lipstick in Cranberry ($19.50)
  • Signature Lipstick in Blackberry ($19.50)
  • Opulent Shimmer Gloss in Cranberry ($18.00)
  • Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Burgundy ($18.00)

Base Look for Face:

  • Opulent Shimmer Powder ($32.00)
  • Gel Eyeliner in Black ($19.50)
  • TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara in Gold ($32.00)

estee lauder holiday 2009 lip swatchesEstée Lauder gave me the opportunity to review the Gel Eyeliner, both eye shadow quads, both shimmer glosses, the Signature Lipstick in Simply Red and the Opulent Shimmer Powder.  After testing them all, I was ready to paint the town wearing Ultimate Red.

I found the gel liner glides on smoothly, but it was more watery than I was expecting, as I’m used to a thicker consistency from my MAC Fluidline. However, almost immediately, I became accustomed to the texture, and it was easy to smooth on the liner with precision technique using the accompanying angled brush. The shadows in both quads glide on smoothly (though I ditched the sponge applicators for my own brushes), and I’m pleased to report that after wearing them all day at work and then out on the town , they didn’t slide off or crease, which is pretty common for my lids.

Ultimate Red Look 1
Ultimate Red Look 1
Ultimate Red Look 2
Ultimate Red Look 2

Both glosses have a hint of vanilla to taste (my favorite), and they yield high shine without being uber-sticky. When the Cranberry gloss is paired with the Simply Red Lipstick, the results are simply stunning.  As for the Opulent Shimmer Powder, the snowflake-pressed highlight powder is extremely shimmery, so you only need a subtle swipe to get glowing results.

red lips estee lauder holiday 2009

Test out the products yourself and get glamorous for your holiday galas (okay, they make great gifts too). The Ultimate Red Color Collection is available for a limited time at Estée Lauder counters nationwide and on

Photo Credits: Estée Lauder, BeautyXpose

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