Pick your Poison Part III: Sake-Inspired Beauty

sake-21After a long day, sometimes a girl just wants to kick back with a drink in hand, whether it’s a sophisticated glass of chardonnay, a fancy mixed drink, a strong shot of tequila or a simple brewsky.  To get the party started without the risk of a next-day hangover (physical or moral), BX helps you pick your poison in a five-part series featuring our favorite alcohol-inspired beauty products that get you punch drunk pretty.

This week, we get sauced with sake-inspired beauty treatments.

  • dreams-of-sake-spa-soap2Intoxicate your senses with Margarita Bloom’s Dreams of Sake Spa Soap ($8.50). The sudsy treat, inspired by the Japanese rice wine, is rich, smooth and leaves your skin feeling soft without any dryness. Breathe in a subtle, delicious blend of white peach absolute with sparkling langsat fruit – the perfect aperitif.
  • fresh-rice-sake-bathTurn your bath into a sake bomb with Fresh Rice Sake Bath ($80 for 13.2 fl oz). Made of real sake (50 percent) and a variety of plant ingredients including pine and ginger, the bath is detoxifying curative and warming. The company says sake is known to lighten age spots, soothe irritations and regenerate the skin. But hold off on jumping in the car right afterward – we swear you can actually start feeling tipsy after a soak!
  • image001After all that fun, it’s time to detox with the Akhassa Detox Body Masque. Alas, like most effective detox treatments, you’ll have to go to a pro for this one (but the website has tons of other great products for purchase). Available only at spas as the featured product in the Akhassa Kiyoshi Detox Body Wrap treatment, the creamy concoction, made of sake and wasabi extracts, purifies and invigorates the skin, transporting you to an Asian paradise.

Photo Credits: Cover Image – Anthony McCoy; Inside Sake Image – Lukasz Krzyzanowski