WTF of the Week: Creations by Polly van der Glas

sterling ring 3 human teeth
Three-stone…er…tooth ring

Some parents cherish the memories of their little ones by keeping mementos of milestones as they grow up – tiny handprints, a lock of hair from their first haircut, lost baby teeth. But while many people may keep these items in a baby book, now you might have the option to wear them as pieces of jewelry.

Australian silversmith Polly van der Glas offers handmade creations using sterling silver, human teeth (she’s requesting donations!) and human hair. Her works range from three-stone…er…tooth rings to loop earrings made of a small plait of hair. You can even buy a purse made out of human locks.  With a repertoire like this, what’s next for van der Glas? Perhaps a silver chocker adorned with toenail clippings…

Enjoy these pics of some of Polly’s creations.

sterling human teeth rin

purse human hair

human hair loop earring

human tooth necklace

human tooth ring

Photos: Polly van der Glas

  • Deon

    I have never seen such a manmade creation from human hair and teeth. These fashion accessories are really amazing. Without thronging those baby teeth and hair, one can really make many things like this. I would really see I too have such innovative ideas at my new wave jewellery store. Really amazing!

  • Mumar

    Uhmmm…donations wanted??? That's just too too … I wouldn't even wear jewelry of my own teeth, but someone else's? The hair items weren't as bad…I guess.

  • heatherzilla8


  • Melissa Brennan


  • Amy

    Ew. That is the grossest thing I've seen in a while. It makes me queasy just looking at it.