A New Fall Coat? Suede Nail Polish by OPI

We'll Always Have Paris OPI Suede

“We’ll Always Have Paris” OPI Suede

As you put away your flip-flops and sundresses during some fall closet-cleaning, you might glance down at that bright pink polish (my fave: OPI’s La Paz-itively Hot) and yearn for something darker.  It’s not that we MUST follow seasonal colors rules; I’ve just noticed that warmer colors match better with fall fashion.  I’m sure everyone’s heard enough buzz about OPI’s Matte Collection, and many of you have already gotten your nails dressed in the matte version of your favorite OPI shades.

After picking up the flat versions of Ink and Russian Navy, I was persuaded to check out OPI’s suede polishes.  Like their Matte sisters, these colors dry so gorgeously — you can’t help but want to reach out and touch!  The matte finish is given that extra pop of glam with a little bit of glitter — not tacky, I promise.  Another added bonus is that they seem to dry A LOT faster than the regular formula, which is always good for a chick on the go.

Of course, there is a slight downside — you can’t use base coat, topcoat, or even lotion during application.  Since the suede/matte shades won’t last as long as the regular formula, you’ll definitely want to do some touch-ups during the week.  What I did was get my mani/pedi then kept the bottle right by my dresser so I could fix any little chips before heading out the door every day.

The Suede Collection retails for around $8 and is available in these popular shades: Lincoln Park After Dark, We’ll Always Have Paris, You Don’t Know Jacques!, Russian Navy, Ink and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees.

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