Get professional extensions to SAVE money?

Hair today, a few months 

Hair today, gone…in a few months

Think professional real-hair extensions are way too expensive, time-consuming, and otherwise out of reach?  Well, in some cases that may be true, but it all depends on what you’re looking to get out of them.

Case in point – my incredibly stylish friend visited today, rocking some hot raspberry streaks that were just barely peeking out from underneath her bouncy brunette locks.  My first instincts told me that she had gone the bleach-and-dye route, resulting in some very funky highlights that were also still appropriate for “business” situations because of their staggered, underneath placement.

To my surprise, she said she actually opted for professionally-bonded, human-hair extensions in order to save money.

How did that work?


Clip-on extensions from Hot Topic

Well for her, she had such dark hair (which, truth be told has been dyed, highlighted and re-colored about seven times over the last year…hey – a girl’s gotta stay “fresh”) that it would have required a double process “highlight” with both bleach and then the raspberry color to create the same look.   Where she lives, that would be about $80+ for a partial foil.  For the extensions (which last around three months), she got the exact same look for $50.  So for her, this made sense.

Of course, prices for color/highlighting treatments and extensions vary wildly by salon and the region you live in (it always seems metropolitan areas have much higher prices than their suburban counterparts), so it might not make the same sense in your personal case.   And if you’re looking for length, this doesn’t really apply.  Of course, if you really want to save some dough but get a new look, you could always opt for clip in extensions (though they don’t have the same staying-power).

But all in all, it was an interesting concept for a girl who always equated professional hair extensions with her monthly mortgage payment.

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