Glam Sham

salepicListen up fashion magazine editors – IT’S CALLED A RECESSION!

Okay, I know nobody wants to talk about this or act like the economy is in rough shape – I’m still buying my $5 latte every morning to keep my image intact – but let’s face it, times are tough and everybody is pulling back.

Yes, there are times when I go on mini shopping sprees and justify my purchases as “helping the economy” because, I mean, somebody’s got to put money back into the retail businesses, but for the most part I’ve changed my shopping habits. For basics like black t-shirts or underwear, I’ve skipped Victoria’s Secret or the Gap and go to H&M and Target (psst, nobody can tell!).

That doesn’t mean I don’t drool over the big name items. It does mean that I will drool, clean myself up, and march on, which is why this whole rant began. While flipping through one of my fav beauty mags that promoted great styles at great savings, I saw that most of the items featured were still well over the $100 mark.

The fact that a dress is now $110 instead of $200 doesn’t make it any more affordable for me right now, which is why I’m pleading with you beauty editors out there…give me something I can drool over AND PURCHASE. Use your magical beauty skills and find the great deals that will allow all of us to keep looking our best while struggling to maintain a budget (I say struggling because there will be slip ups).

So don’t think you’re pulling one over us — we are well aware of the glam sham going on and I may think twice before purchasing you again. Don’t ruin this beautiful thing we have….don’t kill our love fern. (Name that movie!)

  • Krull the Warrior Ki

    I agree! Magazines don't write with celebrities in mind as their audience, so they need to stop making the general public feel like they should spend the same amount on fashion.