Life After TLC: Nick Arrojo Leaves ‘What Not to Wear’

Arrojo speaks at America's Beauty Show earlier this year.
Arrojo speaks at America's Beauty Show earlier this year.

After a seven-year run as the lead hairstylist on TLC’s hit show What Not to Wear, Nick Arrojo may be moving on from the show, but he’s far from hanging up his shears. The man behind some of the most stunning and heartwarming makeovers on TV is already well underway in his next endeavor – growing a hairstylist education program and expanding his branded line of personal care products.

Arrojo says this is a natural, positive step for him and his close-knit team of stylists at his flagship salon in New York City, ARROJO Studio.

“As a busy hairdresser, my goal is to give each client a top-notch haircut that suites their personal life and style, and helps them look great and feel fabulous,” Arrojo said.  “After seven terrific years as hairdressing host [on TLC’s What Not to Wear], I’m sad to be leaving the show, but I’m comfortable with the decision, and I can walk away proud of the job that I’ve done and the people that I’ve touched.”

Within the past year, Arrojo expanded his original studio into a 13,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility that includes a retail store, space for a future product concept store, an educational center for aspiring stylists, and a café for all to enjoy.  The salon employs 70 staff members, helping approximately 850 clients each week achieve a new hairdo.

The studio also features the ARROJO product line (also available for purchase online), moderately-priced “luxury + performance” hair care products.  The line most recently incorporated three new body washes launched in May.

Arrojo’s educational center for aspiring hairstylists, called ARROJO Academy, teaches a select group of prospective stylists both basic and advanced styling techniques in an intimate setting.  Arrojo explains that the school is designed to offer students the strongest possible platform for a successful career.

“We want to exceed previous expectations of cosmetology schools in a concerted effort to raise standards of excellence and professionalism in the hairdressing craft.”

Despite Arrojo’s continued success, for many fans, Arrojo’s departure from What Not to Wear is the end of an era for the show.  However, they still have the opportunity to get their own makeover from Arrojo or one of his seasoned stylists at the salon in New York.

Arrojo said, “In the long run, I’ll continue to grow my business and educate others in the craft that I love.  Of course, as one door closes, another one opens, so I’m looking forward to new and exciting opportunities coming my way in the future.”

Photos courtesy of Baback

  • PaddyD

    Ugh. All of Nick's makeovers on WNTW looked the same – horrible 'mom' (helmet) cuts, no matter the age of the woman.

  • Jumpinjackieflash

    Nick charges $500 for a cut and style. That's more than double his stylists. Well, I have no doubt that he's worth it, but then you have to go back home and try and keep the cut up with a less-than-Nick stylist. It's not going to work that well, unfortunately.

  • Mary

    I miss Nick! Ted is horrible. His hairdo's look awful. I don't watch the show as much as I used to because Nick is gone!

  • JC

    Really miss Nick on the show. He always managed to match the hair style/color to the person and their lifestyle. Wish he would come back on the show. Hair is not the same.

  • gail duffer

    HI Nick, I do miss you so much on "What not to wear" the show just isnt the same without you, I learned so much from you through the years and I thank you for all that you do for people.

    My sister lives in New York and someday when I get to go for a visit I will be coming to see you, this has been my goal in Life, to have my hair done by "Nick Arrojo"

    God Bless you always

  • Anne Houseman

    Check it out — Nick is going to be doing his own reality show!

  • Carolyn

    I miss Nick, like Andra says the new guy has no pizazz. I haven't liked a thing the new guy has done. Miss you Nick!!!!!

  • Andra

    What Not to Wear is not as exciting without Nick. The new guy

    just doesn't have the pizazz that Nick has. You are missed!

  • Ellie

    I have watched Nick from the first time he started on WHAT NOT TO WEAR…he is the best and has made so many women look beautiful with great hair styles and color, so sorry that he is leaving, will always wish I could go to NY for a great hair cut and color from him, maybe someday…..

  • jack

    I'm an old white guy who met Nick last May in the Westin hotel lobby in Cincinnati. Pleasant fellow, no airs, no arrogance. He was hungry, it was nearly 10 pm and I recommended a restaurant to avoid. They roll up the sidewalks there at 10:00. Everyone in entertainment should be as down-to-earth as this fellow.