“Musking-Up” – Sign of the Times or Good Old Fashioned Male Laziness

A couple weekends back, my boyfriend and I were enjoying a rare night in — trading our usual night out on the town for one spent on the couch watching TV. Never ones for an off night, our bachelor friends were rowdily making their exit to the bar just as we were settling in. Besides our absence, nothing unusual happening in this scene.

Until suddenly the bachelor boys started speaking in code. “Don’t forget to musk up,” they reminded each other. Huh?

So you don’t feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone too, I’ll define this phrase for you.

Musking up: a pseudo-hygiene practice by which males attempt to rid themselves of their natural “funk” by rubbing free magazine cologne inserts all over their bodies

Yes, you saw that right. And so did I. In person, I witnessed each of my friends line up to receive their free cologne sample torn from the pages of theusher_-_ur_fragrances400x299 latest GQ or Maxim or whatever rag came in the mail that week. Apparently they’ve made it somewhat personalized, assigning scents to each guy based on their personality (ie; “You get Unforgivable Man” or “You’re definitely the Usher.”)

While I can’t say I wasn’t thoroughly amused by this display of pure male idiocy, I had to stop and wonder. Was this just guys being guys (as in too cheap and/or lazy to buy a decent bottle of cologne) or is this a sign of the times (people taking freebies wherever they can get them?)

My boyfriend has historically bought strictly Axe because he thinks it smells just as good as cologne and gets the job done for drastically less. While I tend not to agree (I think it smells as cheap as it is) I’m wondering if our society’s collective cutbacks will mean cutting out these little non-necessities.

As someone who obviously cares about beauty, weigh in and let us know what you think.

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  • TK

    This is absolutely hysterical!!!