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No matter how saintly we try to be, we’ve all had to cover up something in our lives.  From little white lies (“Yes, your new mullet haircut looks FAB!”) to full-on whoppers (“My place was robbed and my computer was stolen, so I don’t have my presentation ready”), none of us can claim to be completely innocent of creative storytelling.

skintint-fxTell us your greatest cover up, and enter to win premium makeup by Cover FX in the shade of your choice!

  • Skin Tint FX Moisturizing Treatment & Tint SPF 30, a ($42 retail)
  • Radiant FX Luminescent Powder, an all over luminizing loose powder for face & body ($32 retail)

The company says both products are non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin.

How to Enter:

radiant-fx1.       Tell us your greatest cover up in the comments below

2.       You’ll automatically be entered to win

3.       Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss/mom/friends your secrets, and it doesn’t have to be a whopper to win

One winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, May 16, at 11:00 a.m. ET, and notified via e-mail. Following the contest, we’ll select our top 10 favorite entries to be used in our first ever personality quiz – “What’s Your Cover-up Style?”

Good luck!

Legalese, Schmegalese:

To be eligible, registrants must be U.S. residents at least 18 years old. The giveaway is open nationwide, and eligibility is at the discretion of BeautyXposé. One winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, May 16, at 11 a.m. ET. One entry per person. Contest sponsored by Cover FX. Dates, times, and other contest specifications are subject to change at any time. BeautyXposé reserves the right to cancel the contest for any reason at any time.

  • Samantha Aluse

    Hmmm… my greatest cover up is when we change the digital clocks in the house to convince our daughter it is later than she thinks and time for bed. It has worked VERY well until this year – drat that teacher who thought my daughter should be able to tell time. Now she can read the face clocks too!

  • Sue

    My biggest coverup is to call out sick when I need a mental health day at work

  • Gianna

    I've never used cover up but would like to 🙂

  • kathy

    when my mother in law calls i pretend im outside and dont answer

  • Jovita

    I dye my hair BROWN….its actually BLONDE!!! LOL

  • Heather C

    I interviewed for a new job within the company, and didn't tell the people interviewing me that I was three months pregnant. I got the job…and started showing a bit after that. They were cool, but to this day, I still feel guilty about it.

  • TD

    I have damaged skin due to acne and years of wearing the wrong make-up.I hide my flaws as best as I can by Covering It UP!!I'd love a fresh start.

  • Helen

    A friend of mine rushed to get married shortly after her divorce to a man she hardly knew. She asked my opinion early on and I told her I didn't like him. She got really mad and told me to be happy for her. So, I pretended to be happy for her during her wedding but months after getting married, she divorced him.

  • Angela

    I've spent my whole life acting like I think my mother's cooking is the best. Not even close.

  • Lily Kwan

    My greatest coverup was calling in to work sick when I really wasn't.

  • Brittney

    I have a pretty nasty shopping habit, and my family would really bother me about all my purchases. So now whenever I make a big purchase, I've been able to get away with telling them I won it in the mall! I've done this a few times already and they fall for it because I actually have won so many things in the past it's not that hard to believe. But I wonder how long I'll be able to do this before someone realizes, "Nobody can be that lucky!"

  • amy

    My husband cut me off from buying any new handbags. Well, I really wanted this cute bag I found online and ended up buying it. When it arrived at the house my husband asked what I had ordered. I had to open the box and show him (uh oh)…I told him the bag was to carry my school book (I am going back to school). He didn't like my excuse but he let me keep the bag. Come to find out the school book actually didn't fit all that great in the bag, so I ended up carrying it around as a purse (like I wanted to in the beginning…lol). Thanks for the chance!

  • Suanne Giddings

    Every year at Christmas, I have to gush over how much I love my sister in laws fudge. I really find it bitter, so it gets tossed. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  • Jennifer gersch

    I told a friend I had a job interview several times because I did not want to hang out

  • Jessica

    I totally lied and did a cover up to my mom about getting arrested. I know it sounds terrible, but it was in college during a wild night of partying. Obviously I did not receive her calls on my cell. I made up some excuse about my phone running out of battery. I still haven't told her to this day (happened about 7 years ago. And never will!

  • kathleen yohanna

    I have this bathrobe/house coat that covers up a lot of stuff. I only wear it around the house and not when we have guests.

  • Vicki Andrew

    My greatest cover up was when my father, who I loved dearly, made some hot chocolate for me. He would make it from scratch with coco powder , sugar and milk, simmered over a low flame. This was a labor of love not a quick nuke some water and rip open an envelope kind, well this time he forgot the sugar but he was so happy himself that I couldn't hurt his feelings so I finished off a full cup and told him how good it was. The things we do in the name of love

  • vickie ferrari

    I ordered something online and I told my husband that I won it.

  • Deb K

    I called into work sick as I wanted to go hang out with my boyfriend.Well,we ended up running into my boss so he knew I wasn't that sick! I had some explaining to do that time!

  • Kayte CookWatts

    I magically have terrible cramps whenever my MIL wants to go out to lunch,lol!

  • Diane Baum

    I told a friend, I couldn't meet her forlunch because I had a dentist appointment….She ended up at the same Mall sale…

  • Ann

    I never told my kids that I partied in high school. They think I'm a goody two-shoes. teehee

  • joanna smith

    Who, what, me, no, I wouldn't tell a white lie, no way! I'm an open book! Seriously, my husband and past boyfriends always told me I was a rotten liar, because even if I tried to start to tell a cover up story, something about me speaks the truth, like when I was in high school and told my parents I was studying at a girlfriends house, when in actuality we went to a raging party. That was only the beginning, while at the party I got very, well you know, drank a wee bit too much and fell and cut my face. Okay, so now what do I tell my parents?! Easy beazy, I told them I fell of my bike playing baseball, now do you see what I mean, I just can't tell a fake story, so can I try the products now, LOL!

  • ktanjatk

    calling sick for work so I can go to the long weekend trip with my friends

  • hazel hunt


  • Terry C

    I don't really have one. I'm not a very good liar. I hope my entry still counts. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  • Shelly

    I once told a teacher they must have lost my paper – when I never turned it in…..

  • allegro

    my biggest cover up saying that i'm fine and my knee hurts like crazy.

    i never admit that to anyone.

  • Jodi

    As a teenager I told my mother that my boyfriend and I were going to a movie, and really we went to his house, because his parents were out of town.

  • Erma

    I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  • Aisling

    I've been know to fudge on my weight on my driver's license. Certainly haven't ever had anyone look at my license and evaluate my written weight against my actual.

  • Charity S.

    I hide my car in the garage, and pretend I'm not home. It's only for annoying people.


  • jacque

    I would say that I have told a friend I didn't have the car, my husband had it,so I wouldn't have to take her on errands.

  • Sheila R

    My greatest cover up was when I was 17 my best friend and I decided we wanted a weekend on our own. So we told our parents we were both sleeping over at each others house and we went to her boyfriends house for a night. Well the guys dad got really drunk and they got in to a fight and the cops came we told the cops our parents were in South Carolina cause we didn't wanna get in trouble. We ended up checking in a really nice hotel the next day for a night and we charged it on her American Express and we ordered 180 dollars worth of room service and our boyfriends stayed with us. Well by this time her mom called my house wanting to talk to my friend and we got figured out. Her dad tracked us from the credit card. So we knew they were coming so we got rid of our boyfriends cause we would of gotten in sooo much trouble and we hid the evidence of them being there. They never found out they were with us. But we sure got in trouble.


  • Christine

    Said I was sick to get out of going to a family gathering (they had one just about every month). Thank you!

  • Christie

    My mom wouldn't let me wear makeup long after other girls were. So I would put it on while riding the bus to school in the morning and take it off in the afternoon on the way home. That bus was like Superman's phone booth for me but I turned into something like SuperOverDoneTween instead!

  • wendy wallach

    When asked, I told someone that my hair was natural when I had just colored it at home.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  • Susan Smith

    My sister wanted me to come up to visit her without my family for a change but she lives 3 hours away and I'm not comfortable driving there by myself so I told her that my daughter had a school musical that I didnt want to miss so I couldn't go.

  • Linda D.

    My dog has been my cover-up many a time when I want to either leave a situation ("He starts barking when I'm gone too long") or get out of a situation altogether ("He's not feeling well").

  • Martha H.

    Gosh, you want me to pick just one? I've got too many to think of one example.

  • Phyllis Adams

    Sometimes I tell my husband I'm not feeling well so he'll cook and then serve me dinner and wait on me hand and foot 😉 I've only done that about 5 times in 27 years so I'm pretty sure I can use it a few more times 😀 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • DJ

    My greatest cover up was when 2 sheriff's came to our place looking for my father in law and I told them I didn't know where he was… (he didn't pay his child support!) :8

  • Mumar

    I skipped school once and went with a girlfriend to meet some guys at an ice fishing cabin that belonged to one of the guys' dad. We heard someone coming, so we two girls hid in one of the other rooms. Three men who had been ice fishing, came in for a break. One of them was MY father. Yikes. I never skipped school again. That was too close.

  • Rochelle K

    I've actually never covered up for myself, but I HAVE covered up for friends and family. The worst was when my sister (10yrs older and a very good friend) was unhappy in her marriage and wanted to "date" someone else (more like hang out with, but clearly not platonic) so I became her alibi for a few nights. Unfortunately, being as neither one of us (me in particular) are all that slick, her husband got suspicious of her and caught us in a bit of a phone trap (He called me from his cell while hiding in the basement of their home, I called her at her house thinking she was alone to tell her he was acting weird and he picked up the cordless in the basement when the phone rang). He then called ME telling me I should be ASHAMED of myself and I told him that she's my SISTER and thats where my loyalties lie and I'll do whatever she needs me to to make her happy (he was a jerk anyway so I wasn't all that upset that she finally saw him for exactly that). Anyway – I guess that makes me a CO-Cover-upper…

  • Nina

    I pretended that my little brother was sick and I had to take care of him just to get out of a nightly review for a Chemistry quiz competition. I got sick of the people around me and in order to prevent any untoward incident I just made an excuse. I even asked my sister to call me to say that "my brother was sick" blah, blah, blah in order to make it believable!

  • Laney

    When I was in high school I pretended I was staying with friends for New Years when I was really out partying with a guy. My father wanted to talk to my friend's mom, so I actually had to call them to tell them what was up (they didn't know they were part of my cover) and get one of them to play the Mom and talk to my dad : D