Ask BX: My Face Cream Froze — Will it Still Work?

face creamDear BX,

Through a random chain of events, my never-used-before anti-aging face cream made it’s way to a snow patch in my driveway. I thought it was lost until finding it under a snow bank while shoveling. It’s been frozen for a few weeks, so I’m wondering if it will still work the way it’s supposed to when it’s thawed.

-Amy G.

Wow! While we’re dying to know how your face cream ended up in a snow bank, we’ll try to stick to the question at hand.

After learning about the Frozen Face Cream Caper, our gut instincts were that it should be absolutely fine, albeit a bit chilly (though that could have its benefits too).  But then we remembered how some products have the “store at room temperature” instructions, so we thought we’d pull out the big guns to make sure. We turned to skin care expert, celebrity esthetician and spa owner Renee Rouleau for her words of wisdom. And it turns out, our initial suspicions were spot on — it should still work.

“A frozen product should be just fine to use once thawed out,” said Rouleau. “Cold temperatures should not create any problems for the product. Extreme heat, on the other hand, can cause color, consistency and efficacy to be affected.”

So there you have it. Simply thaw it out, then slather away. Just try not to leave it in your driveway this summer when temps are scorching!

Photo: Slawomir Rodak