Whiten up: Get an Award Winning Smile for Your Big Event

LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 8: Lea Michele arrivals at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Ampitheater at Universal on August 8, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA Photo via Newscom

The Emmy’s are approaching, and while we can’t wait to ogle over the different gowns, makeup choices and hair styles, there’s one beauty secret that all the nominees share: an award-winning smile. Celebrity cosmetic dentist Elisa Mello from NYC Smile Design gives these tips to get your own pearly whites ready for the red carpet:

  • Brush with straight baking soda — you don’t want to do this everyday because of the abrasive nature — but if you’re in a bind, the mild abrasive will white the surface of your teeth for a red carpet ready smile.
  • Rinse with a diluted peroxide solution — the peroxide you purchase in the store is too strong to rinse with (most are 35%). If you dilute it with 9 parts water (1 table spoon peroxide, 9 tablespoons water) you can rinse with this solution for about 30 seconds. This will bleach the surface protein layer of the teeth and any plaque or tarter that may be lingering. This is a “quick fix” and you wouldn’t want to do this regularly.
  • Have you noticed how all the celebs are tanned or use a bronzer? That is because the contrast of your skin makes your teeth look brighter!
  • Wear lipsticks with blue undertones in them. Again — the contrast makes your teeth brighter. Rose, reds, burgundy, and plum shades work well. Be careful when choosing a shade, because a color with an orange undertone can make your teeth appear dull and yellow.
  • Smile subtly with your mouth open and your teeth apart an inch or more — this elongates your face and creates a very seductive and luring look!
  • Use a quick fix product, like whitening strips or a whitening pen, a day before an event to keep your pearly whites WHITE.
  • Teeth are more porous after a whitening treatment, meaning they’re more likely to absorb a stain immediately after you whiten. Be sure to wait a while before ingesting red wine, pasta sauce, and any other staining foods to maximize your treatment.
  • strawberriesChewing Sugar-Free gum that contains plaque reducing xylitol promotes saliva flow, which will clean your teeth for a whiter look.
  • Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables will naturally exfoliate teeth. Strawberries are a particularly great choice, because besides teeth-scrubbing fibers, they also contain malic acid (“this breaks down stains”). Mello’s DIY cleaning recipe: Crush strawberries into a fruity purée and rub the mixture along the surface of teeth.

Do you have your own secret stunning smile tip? Let us know in the comments!

Photos: Lea Michele – Photo via Newscom; Strawberries – Agata Urbaniak