Bottle the Holiday Spirit with Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar

HopeInAJar_Oprah_8ozBoxOpen_noWtDo you have Hope?

The holidays are quickly approaching. In a few days, families will be gathering around their tree opening gifts and reaching into their stockings to see what goodies they have received. Are you still looking for a few last minute gifts? One great stocking stuffer is Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. Recently featured in Oprah’s “Ultimate Favorite Things,” Oprah loves this product and so will you.

Philosophy created a commemorative, limited-edition “Hope in a Jar” moisturizer for Oprah in a dazzling box covered in sparkling red glitter, honoring 25 seasons of hope, joy and love.

Immediately after using the product, my hands felt soft and smooth. I don’t have particularly dry hands, but even hours after applying the lotion my hands felt silky smooth.

lotion on hand

While this product might seem expensive to some (2 oz -$38, 4 oz -$60, and 8 oz -$105), it is a multipurpose lotion that can be used anywhere. Instead of having to buy a facial lotion, a hand lotion and a body lotion, you can just buy this product and use it anywhere. With this product, less is more. You only need to put a dime-size dot on your hand when applying. I put too much on the first time and my hands felt a little greasy after.

image of hope in a jarMy one complaint with this lotion is the smell. One note — I do have a ridiculous sense of smell, so that might be part of the problem, but I am not a fan of the smell. It is a strong smell, and after applying it on my hands, anytime they came close to my face, I smelled it. The smell didn’t go away. If I had to describe the smell, I would say it’s a mix of suntan lotion and strong baby-wipes.

Nonetheless, it is a great lotion and does a great job of moisturizing. If smell isn’t an issue for you, this is a great product and will make a great stocking stuffer. You can buy it at any Sephora store or online at or

Photos: Philosophy; Jennifer Gorden/BeautyXpose
Disclaimer: Product furnished complimentary for review purposes