Epionce Renewal: Not Your Mother’s Eye Cream

epionceRemember the days when you would sneak into your mother’s beauty bag and experiment with all the different lotions and potions tucked inside? (I know still do it when I go back home.) One of the items I used to steal from that deep and mysterious stash was my mother’s eye cream, and I always wondered why anyone would ever be possessed to go out and purchase such a product.

After testing Epionce Eye Renewal Cream, I can see the method behind the madness. After slathering this cream under my eyes for a few nights, I noticed the dark circles beneath my eyes immediately brightened. While I do not yet have defined wrinkles around my eyes, I noticed that I looked much more well-rested and fresh-faced.

The coolest aspect of this product is the fang-shaped applicator that comes with it.

Check out this applicator!
Check out this applicator!

By scooping up and spreading a little cream with the applicator, I can avoid transferring to my eyes any yucky germs that linger on my fingers.

If you have the cash to drop on this excellent eye emollient, it can be purchased here (you’ll need a login, which requires an “expert code”) or on LovelySkin.com for $80.00.

Photos: Epionce; Pamela Bassett/BeautyXpose
Disclaimer: Product furnished complimentary for review