Go Sunless & Skinny With Fake Bake Self Tanner

fake bake sunless & skinnyNow that the summer is ending, and it’s off the beach and back to school, we don’t want to lose our sun-kissed glows. Thankfully, Fake Bake has an amazing new product that will not only maintain your tan, but also help you keep your beach body as well. The amazing Fake Bake Sunless & Skinny product noticeably diminishes cellulite while darkening your skin tone.

The product’s unique formula contains natural ingredients, such as kelp and copper mineral, that tighten your problem areas, creating smooth and dimple-free skin. It has the same tanning power as Fake Bake’s other great products, plus the amazing toning bonus.

You can easily “tan your way skinny” by applying Sunless & Skinny over your body in a firm circular motion. Pay special attention to your problem areas (your thighs perhaps). Don’t forget to wash your hands after use, or this strong product will leave you with some funky colored fingers. I recommend using this product daily to boost and maintain results.

After only a few days of using Sunless & Skinny daily, I could see a distinct difference in my skin tone, and in about two weeks, I could feel and see my skin was tighter and more toned. I wish I got my hands on this product before summer began. Next year, I am definitely using this product a few weeks before summer starts to prepare my body for the beach. For now, I will continue keeping my skin tanned and toned into the fall, waiting for the chance to show it all off come summer-time.

Photo: Fake Bake
Disclaimer: Product furnished complimentary for review