Natural Beauty: Feel the Difference with Ole Henriksen’s Anti-Aging Perfecting Mask

ole henriksenLooking for ways to look your best — naturally? Look no further. Through reviews of all-natural and organic products and investigations into cosmetic ingredients, our Natural Beauty column will help you make more informed decisions about your beauty purchases.

When Ole Henriksen promises you will “feel the difference” with their anti-aging perfecting mask, they’re not kidding. They’ve harnessed the cosmetic powers of African red tea, pomegranate and algae to create a formula they promise will brighten and smooth even the dullest skin.

Within minutes of slathering the mask onto my face, I feel the tingling sensation the name of the product promises. It feels pleasant at first, but toward the end of the 10 minutes, which is the length of time the consumer is instructed to wear the product, it transitions to a much more intense feeling.

Word of warning: Users with sensitive skin might want to proceed with caution in case the tingling becomes overwhelming. Even after washing the mask from my face, I sometimes continue to experience the cooling sensation.

After using this mask two to three times a week for about a month, I have noticed my face has been much smoother and softer. I prefer to use it before bed when I have 10 minutes to spare, and it helps me feel fresh and clean before my head hits the pillow.

The Ole Henriksen perfecting mask can be purchased for $35 at

Photos: Ole Henriksen (cover), Pamela King/BeautyXpose

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    An essential step to boost your skin's renewal process.