Natural Beauty: Suds Up With Sonoma Soap Company

sonoma 010Sonoma Soap Company has launched a new line of all-natural skincare products that are composed of 100 percent vegetarian, certified organic ingredients. They’ve left out all those things natural beauties try to avoid such as phthalates and parabens – in fact, many of the products, including the shampoo and shower gel, include instructions to shake the bottle before use because the natural ingredients will settle while the product sits on the shelf.

Shower Products

The shampoo is sudsy, and the conditioner is creamy. Used together, they leave my hair soft and shiny. Both the shampoo and conditioner, from the First Crush scent family, have a great fruity smell, but it’s the shower gel, from the Citrus Medley scent family, that leaves my olfactory senses unsatisfied. The shampoo smells like a fruity Jamba Juice – delicious! –  while the shower gel smells more like an orange you’ve had in your fridge for a few days.


Foaming Hand Soap

The foaming hand soap from this line lathers up really well, and I would recommend it highly, but the one I received was also in the Citrus Medley scent group. For anyone who’s looking into purchasing these products, buy from the First Crush collection!


Lotion and Bubble Bath

Perhaps my least favorite scent collection was Lavender Reserve. While the lotion was very creamy and hydrating, didn’t smell like lavender to me. It had a very strong scent, almost like licorice. Not my favorite. The bubble bath wasn’t as offensive to my senses, but it certainly wasn’t great.

I will be purchasing more products from Sonoma Soap Company, but as I emphasized above, all my purchases will be from the First Crush collection. The scent is simply unbeatable!


Sonoma Soap Company products cost between $8.95 and $9.95 and are available online and at a variety of health food stores throughout the country. They also sell liquid hand soap, bar soap and shave cream in addition to the products I’ve reviewed.

Photos: Pamela King/BeautyXpose
Disclaimer: Products furnished complimentary for review