Shape Up With the Four-Sided Nail File

As I packed for my move to D.C., I had to let go of many possessions in order to cut down on baggage. One item I threw away in my cleaning process was my four-sided nail file.

If you’ve ever seen those guys at the mall kiosk who offer to file your nails, you know what kind of files I’m talking about. I usually pass by such offers, but I’m glad I once decided to take the plunge. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t know about this awesome product.


For those of you who don’t own one of these files, each side is a step toward buffing and shaping your nails to shiny perfection. After using this file, your nails will look as if you’ve applied a coat of clear nail polish – without waiting for the lacquer to dry.

For my next Amazon order, I’ll be sure to include one of these in my shipment. At $3.95, it’s a steal compared to the mall version.

Photo: Shany