Super Dry Skin? Ole Henriksen Skin Insulator Lives Up to its Name

ole reviewJust because the weather warms doesn’t mean we get to quit moisturizing. Now that spring has sprung and we let our legs loose, it’s just as important to stay soft and smooth today as it was when we bared the frigid winter months.

Calling Ole Henriksen’s Skin Insulator for dry/sensitive skin a “skin insulator” is certainly no overestimation. It’s incredibly thick — more so than the consistency of a sunscreen (it has SPF 15!) — and adds a substantial layer of moisture to your body upon application. The borage and grape seed oil moisturizer has serious longevity, lasting essentially until you shower or sweat it off, whatever comes first. Because of these powerful insulating capabilities, however, it seems best to use the crème exclusively on your body. It’s way too heavy for your face, especially during the day, and leaves a bit of a shiny residue.

This super thick cream will keep skin super hydrated
This thick cream will keep skin super hydrated

While the scent of super thick moisturizers can often be as overwhelming as the consistency, Ole really hits the mark with this one. The crème has an aromatic, but subtle fresh perfume sure to please the most scent sensitive.

The Ole Henriksen Skin Insulator for dry/sensitive skin ($35) can be purchased at or at Sephora.

Photos: Ole Henriksen, Lauren DiLello/BeautyXpose
Disclaimer: Product provided complementary for review purposes