WEN Replenishing Treatment Mists For Your Whole Body

Since my introduction to Ava Anderson toner, I have been wild about facial mists. They are so refreshing, and they instantly cool your skin on a hot day.

wen lavender fig and sweet almond mintMeet my latest obsession: WEN Replenishing Treatment Mists. These multifaceted mists can be used on every part of your body, including your hair. They come in three varieties – fig, lavender and my personal favorite, sweet almond mint.

I used the sweet almond mint spray in my hair right after a shower. The scent remained in my hair all day, which made me happy because the fresh minty scent left me feeling clean despite the oppressive humidity. Although the spray is meant to soften and de-frizz hair, I didn’t notice a significant difference in the texture of my locks once I stepped outside into the sticky heat.

As a facial mist, the lavender-scented formula was refreshing and sweet-smelling. I also used the spray to set my makeup. Despite my expectations otherwise, my foundation and powder have remained in place.

The moisturizing body mist function of these sprays was the only one that left me disappointed. The fig mist left my legs feeling a bit greasy. I’d rather use lotion to hydrate my skin and leave these mists to my hair and face.

WEN Lavender and Fig Replenishing Treatment Mists are available on Amazon for $24.98. The WEN Sweet Almond Mint spray, at $27.95, costs just a bit more. The full line of WEN products can be found at chazdean.com

Photo: Pamela King/BeautyXpose
Disclaimer: Products furnished complimentary for review purposes