Flight of the Concords: Tiffany Kunz Concord Jewelry Collection

tiffany kunz 2Even buried under the beads, baubles and chains in the Age of the Statement Necklace, sometimes it still feels like we’ve seen it all. Coming across a truly unique piece of jewelry — the kind that is exquisitely constructed, yet effortlessly chic, and equal parts classic and contemporary — is no small feat.

Or, was no small feat.

The Tiffany Kunz 2010 Concord Collection incorporates all the said requisites for our most exceptional ornaments and then some, going eco-friendly with fair trade gems, recycled metal and zero harsh chemicals during production.

A certified gemologist, Kunz channeled her childhood passion for digging up dessert geodes (rocks with internal crystal formations) into a full-fledged jewelry design business of her own in 2007. Since then, she has produced three collections, the Concord sending jewelry aficionados wild.

tiffany kunz 3Each piece in the Collection is hammered, hand forged and delicately decorated with petite rough stones like diamond, tourmaline and garnet. Within the Collection are five suites, August, Basal, Wend (fave!), In Clover (second fave!) and Copula, all featuring a ring, necklace, bracelet and earrings designed to represent the contrast of the outer and inner layer of geodes.

Though exceptionally unique, Kunz’ designs are completely versatile. Load up the Copula suite over a casual tee, blazer and jeans, or put the Wend suite on display with a simple black strapless mini.

Tiffany Kunz Designs and the Concord Collection can be purchased at TiffanyKunzDesign.com. The Concord Collection ranges from $350-$625.

Photos: BeautyXpose

  • Annie

    Beautiful Jewelery…beautiful soul.

  • sophia

    these are gorgeous!

  • nikki

    LOVE tiffany kunz jewelry! so hip, so chic, so tiff!