WTF of the Week: Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace ‘Trash Bag’ Purse

Take a big wad of bills, open up your garbage bag and drop it on in.  That’s exactly what fans of the Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace purse appear to be doing. For a mere $2,420, one of these Spring/Summer 2010 Louis Vuitton bags can be yours.

louis vuitton garbage bag

Louis wants you to throw your money in here.
Louis wants you to throw your money in here.

Who ever knew dumpster diving could be so chic?

While the Raindrop undeniably looks like a crumpled, plastic Hefty trash bag, we all know that true haute fashion lovers wouldn’t settle for plastic (unless they’ve decided they’re now vegan).So in classic Vuitton style, these garbage bags exhibit a “soft patent lambskin exterior, delicate pleats and vintage Louis Vuitton graphic signature.”

To us, this purse proves that just a Louis Vuitton logo does not a coveted purse make. (It’s more like putting lipstick on a…lamb.)

So while for some, this purse may scream, “Look at how trendy I am,” we’d simply scream back, “Take out the trash!”

Photos: Louis Vuitton

  • Anne Houseman

    Oh yes – a real purse!

  • Marie

    So that is a real purse? Not a purse cover in case it rains and you can't your get leather wet? Some people have too much money….(says the girl with a makeup collection that could have paid for college)