The Bald and the Beautiful: Taylor Swift

After winning four Grammy Awards last night, Taylor Swift certainly has something to celebrate about. Now known as the youngest performer to win Album of the Year, to all of Taylor Swift’s fans, the young country songstress is equally known for her flowing, wavy, golden locks.  But would she still win their hearts over if she got a little too rowdy at the after party and decided to lop them all off?

grammy awards red carpet 010210[poll id=”129″]

  • cas

    wow wtf? i would still luv her and that pic is so photoshopped. that doesnt even look like her no classic eyeliner thing lips r jacked up she would still have eybrows and shes not that pale

  • Katie

    She kinda looks like an old lady without a lot of the wrinkles

    • SarahB

      I TOTALLY agree she looks AWFUL!!!! she better not ever do that!!!!