Celebrity Hair Stylist Ric Pipino Launches Revolution In Cut Product Line

Ric Pipino Launches Pipino New York

Recently, celebrity hair stylist Ric Pipino launched his new product line, Revolution In Cut, in CVS Beauty 360 locations and at www.beauty360.com. Just another stylist product line right? Not so; what makes Revolution In Cut so unique from the other products on the shelves is that the products are formulated to make the most of a woman’s hair cut rather than hair type. So instead of buying a pomade for frizzy hair, you’d look for the products that say they work for a bob, short layers or long layers.

We had the honor of getting to ask Ric a few questions about his career, his line and what he sees for his future.

BX: What inspired you to make a product line and where did the concept for Revolution in Cut come from? Where did you get the idea for hair care based on cut instead of hair type?

Ric: The idea for line was when I kept hearing my clients ask me for products that would keep their haircut looking fresh in between salon visits.

BX: What makes the products fundamentally different than typical hair care and styling products?

Ric: The products are designed to support the haircut and extend the life of the cut in between salon visits. The added step of the primer makes the line stand out and the nanosphere technology is used to support the cut and distribution of its key ingredients.

pipino lineupBX: Why are the benefits of products based on cut?

Ric: The nanotechnology not only assists in preserving the cut and keeping it look fresh – it prevents split ends and keeps hair healthy, adding shine and moisture.

BX: How do you take in to account the difference that various hair types – curly, thin, thick, etc. – make on hair cuts. Will the products work the same for someone with curly hair that has long layers and someone with pin-straight hair?

Ric: Yes, the products will work on both hair types and the line complements the different hair types with the styling products used in the last step of the routine.  If you have curly hair with long layers, for example, CURL ME will accentuate your texture and if you have straight hair, SMOOTH ME, will keep locks sleek and frizz-free.

BX: What is the current landscape of the hair care industry and how do you think that your new product line will change it? Do you foresee more products that cater to specific haircuts?

Ric: The hair care industry has always tended to focus on products addressing color and hair texture, but everyone in life has a defining haircut and I think you will start to see more lines identifying haircut or incorporating their current lines into addressing cuts and their needs.  This turning point is changing the way the beauty industry is looking at hair care.  I also placed a lot of importance on the fragrance of the products, making the line a multi-sensorial experience.

prime my cut bobBX: How do you expect people to react to your product line? Do you think there will be more sentiments of skepticism or excitement over something new?

Ric: I think people are excited and so far the reactions have been positive excitement and curious interest.  Once they understand how the products work and the technology behind them, any skepticism they may have fades and is replaced by excitement to use the products.

BX: How long have you been in the hair industry? How did you get in to the industry and why?

Ric: I have been in the industry for over 30 years.  I got into the industry after I unintentionally followed the footsteps of my brother.  When I was a kid, I use to hang around with him and enjoyed being around all the pretty girls, landing me in the hair business.

BX: Do you have any memorable “hair moments?” Any favorite cuts or styles you did?

Ric: One of my first memorable moments was working on Faye Dunaway’s hair. She is a classic movie star and I remember her from my childhood, which made the experience truly stand out.  Now working with hip, young celebrities and having the chance to cut and style their hair then seeing them walk the red carpet is always very exciting.

BX: Any plans for future business ventures?

Ric: I am hoping to open a LA Location and eventually launch a children’s hair care line.

Photos: Ric Pipino; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images via PicApp.com

  • Carol

    I have been using this product for a few months and it is amazing. I can't live without it, can it be purchased in Hawaii.

  • Jane Tisadale

    This looks like the first knock-off of the HerCut line from Sephora that has been out for a while.