Thinking of Coloring Your Hair? TAAZ Lets You Test Drive it Virtually

While many girls lusted after ponies, when I was in Kindergarten, I longed for long, straight, blond hair (with no bangs–I was furious my mom had mine cut!) just like my friend Brooke…and Barbie. My tiny heart ACHED for that hair, and if I could have willed it with just my thoughts (and prayers to the big guy too, who I’m sure was listening to a five-year-old whine for blonde hair), I would be Rapunzel right now.

If I bleached my hair, I'd look just like this, right?

Alas, I am not. And while I no longer yearn with my entire being to be a blonde, I do get a twang every now and again, convinced that I might be able to make it work like Norma Jeane’s transformation into Marilyn Monroe. Update: I did try going entirely blonde recently and it turned out … interesting.

But before taking the plunge and turning to a trained color stylist to bleach my bob, I have (wisely) tried virtual transformations by trying on celebrity hair styles at virtual makeover site While I love trying on different celeb styles, sometimes, I just want to see what my actual hair would look like in different shades — not accompanied with a different celebrity style.

Well, ladies and gents, even if the big guy wasn’t listening to me when I was little, TAAZ certainly was now. The site has JUST launched the first online hair color makeover tool that lets you “try before you dye” on your own hair style.

All you do is upload a photo, click on the areas of your hair (in the middle — not near edges), choose one of 16 shades you’d like to test, and voila! Instant new hair color. The first time I tried it, I got a “halo” effect around my hairline because the shadows in the picture were blending in to my hair, but all I needed to do was go back and use the “advanced adjuster” to tweak the borders to perfection. It was really easy.

Here is my original photo (which will look familiar to regular BX readers):


Now, here are some TAAZ makeovers into black, blonde and honey shades:

black taaz makeover

blonde taaz makeover

honey taaz makeover

Okay, so Marilyn, I’m not. And yet again, it’s been confirmed that darker colors just suit me (go figure). Luckily, eight of the 16 shades you can try on are in the darker range, and a little birdie tells me that the company is going to be adding more colors soon.

Overall, the whole TAAZ virtual hair color process was really quite easy, and I’m impressed that this tool can so accurately figure out what parts of the picture are hair and then shade them so you don’t look like you have a solid color block atop of your dome. I will definitely be playing around with this again (it’s addicting!) and I’d love to see your own makeovers! Send them to me via email, and if you want, I’ll post them to our BeautyXpose Facebook page and BeautyXpose Twitter account!