WTF of the Week: Go Away Gray

go away graySTOP THE PRESSES! A new pill has been developed that makes gray hair go away! At least, that’s what Cathy Beggan, president of Rise-N-Shine, LLC and founder of “Go Away Gray,” claims. Her new Go Away Gray pill purportedly stops the graying process and allows your natural hair color to come back in with new growth. And all for only $29.90 for a month’s supply, so you can forget about your trips to the salon or to the supermarket hair color aisle. Just pop some pills and all your woes will disappear (isn’t that what Anna Nicole Smith said?).

Beggan insists the secret ingredient is an enzyme called Catalase that counteracts the body’s natural production of hydrogen peroxide. “Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide which bleaches our hair from the inside out,” she claims. “Our bodies also produce an enzyme called Catalase which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide. As we get older, we don’t produce enough Catalase and then the hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. As a result, hair is bleached from the inside out, turning it gray.”

Well there you go. Color my gray roots impressed! And by impressed, I mean horrified. Horrified that Cathy Beggan can sleep at night while selling a pill that most certainly doesn’t do a thing to wipe out grays. But if you like shelling out dough for empty promise pills, don’t stop at Go Away Gray. Also try Beggan’s other “all-natural” pills like Wrinkle Remedy, Menopause Chill Pills and Royal Flush.

Photo: Go Away Gray

  • Deborah

    I disagree! "It definitely works for me!" I began taking it in the later part of November, and hardly have any new gray! You need to experiment to see what time of day to take it for best results. I take it with a small amount of water during a meal, apart from all other supplements, medications, coffee, etc. When I have high stress with my son's health condition it does not work well. It is a wonder product as far as I am concerned!!!