Hide Blemishes, Conceal Tattoos with Smart Cover Camouflage Makeup

smart cover productsSmart Cover make-up is more than just cover-up — it is a concealing system. A crafty collection of crèmes and sticks, Smart Cover is the perfect combination to turn your face into a clear palette.

I love how the process starts with a Moisture Primer Lotion, which preps your skin for the Concealing Crème and creates an invisible layer of moisture. The next step is the concealing crème, which covers everything — and I mean EVERYTHING. No blemish, mark, spot, wrinkle, or even tattoo is a match for this crème. This cover-up can be used anywhere on your body to cover bruises and those dreaded stretch marks.

My favorite Smart Cover products are the beauty sticks. The Vitamin Beauty Stick provides much needed moisture and nutrients for the sensitive skin around your eyes and lips. The Smart Cover Stick is the best under eye cover-up I have ever used. I have always struggled to find a product to cover the circles under my eyes and this stick did the job flawlessly. It really brightened up my whole face.

Check out how these products worked on covering up Kristin’s tattoo (although the color didn’t quite match exactly).

smart cover before and after

Smart Cover concealers are waterproof and smudge resistant. It is a real heavy-duty make-up system that lasts long and really covers. You can snag your own Smart Cover-Up Kit for $29.75  at the Smart Cover website.

Photos: Chelsea Pech/BeautyXpose
Disclaimer: Products furnished complimentary for review purposes