Battle Winter Skin with Neutrogena

Winter is here, and it sure is cold. I don’t know about you, but dry skin is definitely a problem in the winter. Between the frigid air outside and the dry air inside, with heat and fireplaces, our skin is not happy in the winter. Looking for some moisturizing products to avoid that dry, itchy irritated skin? The Neutrogena Winter Skincare line is the answer to your winter skin problems. Included in this line is: Neutrogena® Moisture Wrap Body Lotion ($7.99,) Neutrogena® Body Oil ($9.99-$15.99,) Neutrogena® Lip Moisturizer ($2.99,) and Neutrogena® Hand Cream ($4.99.) Buy one or buy all, and look forward to beautiful soft skin.

Neutrogena® Moisture Wrap Body Lotion

This body lotion wraps skin with a unique combination of moisturizers that goes deep into skin’s surface to relieve uncomfortable dryness from the core of where the dryness starts. This didn’t have a strong smell like I thought it would; the odor is really light, barely there and very clean smelling.  The lotion is creamy, soft and rubs right in. My skin felt silky smooth after applying it.All products

Neutrogena® Body Oil

Lather this oil all over your body after showering and it instantly soaks into your skin. After using it, your skin looks great and feels soft and silky. It was a little greasy and took awhile to rub in. Once it rubbed in though, my skin felt as soft as a baby’s skin. This product has a distinct smell, like flowery perfume. Once it sets in though, the smell goes away and you hardly notice it.

Neutrogena® Lip Moisturizer

This lip moisturizer not only softens lips, but also smoothes and protects those dry, chapped lips we all hate to sport. Looking for kissable lips at a great price? This is a perfect choice! The first time I applied it was at night before bed. My lips were very chapped and hurt. I was hoping applying it before bed would make them feel better in the morning. Within seconds, my lips began to feel soft and smooth again. This is a great choice. I hate when chapstick has a bad taste. Luckily for me, this lip moisturizer is tasteless. There is no smell associated with this lip moisturizer.

Neutrogena® Hand Cream

I don’t typically have dry hands, but I still love to use lotion. This hand cream is clinically proven to rapidly heal dry hands. I have to admit it works. Immediately after applying the lotion, my hands felt even softer than before. In my head, before putting it on, I pictured a white cream, but it is more like a gel. It looks similar to petroleum jelly. Lesson learned:  A little goes a long way. If you apply too much lotion, your hands will feel greasy. This has a similar smell to that of the wrap moisturizer.

Not only are these products affordable, they also work. Within minutes of applying, your skin will feel moisturized, fresh and happy. Get rid of that dry skin now. You can purchase all of these products on or at your local drug store. Happy moisturizing!