Hair Tutorial Video: Front French Braid

Hi folks! Just the other week, I told you that I have been channeling my inner Pocahontas by sporting a front french braid lately. I know that some people are visual learners, so I put together a video tutorial for you all. Drum roll please…

As I said in my last post and in the video,  this look is extremely easy. Even a baby could do it … well maybe that’s a stretch. In addition to be a speedy look, the front french braid is also great for second day hair when you don’t want to wear a headband or hat to hide the grease. It’s like your hair is it’s own headband!

I hope you all enjoy the tutorial and all the awkward comments I make during the video. I enjoyed making it, so let me know if you have any questions or tutorial requests.


  • Kristinbassett

    Thanks all for the positive feedback! 😀

  • annehouseman

    This is a fantastic tutorial and you are so funny! Makes me miss you lots!