All Bark or Real Bite? Anne Reviews the Biobliss Patch

In some beauty product reviews, a picture really says it all. So rather than go on and on with me telling you whether or not I think the Biobliss Patch works wonders or fails in epic fashion, I’m going to let you, dear BeautyXpose readers, draw your own conclusions.

First, let me back up and explain what the product in question is all about. The Biobliss Patch is a thin, rear-view-mirror-shaped patch you apply to your forehead for an hour in the hopes of revealing a “more youthful, fresher-looking appearance.” And now that I’m in my 30s and have the first signs of forehead wear-and-tear, I’m ready to try anything short of Botox.

The inside of the Biobliss Patch

The Biobliss brand claims that its new forehead-wrinkle-reducing Patch is “a totally new solution for achieving rejuvenated, younger-looking skin.” How so? According to Biobliss, it’s space age stuff, really:

“While traditional creams simply sit on the surface of your skin, requiring hours of wear time for absorption to occur, and rarely showing visible results, the Biobliss Patch operates using its proprietary ion technology, gently delivering dermatologist-approved anti-wrinkle ingredients to the surface of the skin.”

So let’s cross-reference this statement with how Biobliss works. Each patch is pre-filled with a formulation of ingredients including hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexapeptide and Vitamin B5. Okay, that has the anti-wrinkle ingredients covered. But what about how it’s different because of reducing the “hours of wear time for absorption” typical creams take? Well, Biobliss only requires you to wear the patchy device on your forehead for one hour. And the brand claims the results typically last three to five days. See? Totally innovative.

Here’s what my forehead looked like before diving in and testing the Patch out for myself:

Scrunched up forehead before the Biobliss Patch
My forehead at rest before the Biobliss Patch*

Applying the Patch is a five step process (don’t worry — it’s really easy).

1.  First, you cleanse your forehead using a Face Cleanser Towelette that comes with your Patch.

2.  Then, you remove the Biobliss Patch from its liner tray, being careful to holding it by the edges since the adhesive is now freely exposed. Then you need to turn your attention to the random round offshoot of the rear-view-mirror shape, and press it down, as it’s really an On/Off switch with a flashing green light to help indicate that you’ve left the Patch on long enough. The light goes off when your hour is up.

3.  It’s time to attach that sucker to your forehead just above your eyebrows.

4.  Now you enter the “treatment” phase where you go about your business for an hour with a patch on your forehead and your husband gives you puzzled looks before bursting out laughing.

My chihuahua is not amused.

5.  Remove your patch, and moisturize your forehead using the Hydrating Lotion Towelette also included in your kit.

And voilà! A rejuvenated forehead, right? You tell me.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of my forehead both at rest and scrunched up immediately before and immediately after using the Biobliss Patch:

Before - Left; After - Right
Before - Left; After - Right

Who knows if my results are typical. I know many trustworthy beauty bloggers swear by Biobliss.

If you’re up for trying this yourself, The Biobliss Patch System can be purchased online in a 2-Patch pack for $48.99 (also includes the cleaning and moisturizing towelettes) or in a 4-Patch pack for $96.99.

*Please don’t judge my lack of appropriate hair/makeup. This was a Saturday morning and far too early in my mind to be awake. It was 10 a.m.

Photos: Anne Houseman/BeautyXpose

  • SunnyMx

    I really like the way you've done your review. Seems a lot more honest than any other I've seen for these products of "hope". Your forehead looks great already so I wouldn't worry yet. But for me, a a result that only lasts a few days, it's rather just use my hyaluronic serum every other day. It has worked well on some "barely noticeable by anyone but me" fine eye wrinkles and I'm hoping it'll work on my forehead worry lines! I'm almost 58 and I've been using light eye creams and moisturizers in and of some I was 19 so I think that, combined with avoiding a lot of sun, is the only true methid for lesser lines. Botox is excluded because I'm not even going there! Again, LOVE your review! 🙂

  • Dave Han

    Looks good, I think I will get it for my wife to try. Thanks for the evaluation as she has been looking for a solution for some time and this looks promising.