Can Hair Beat the Heat with Salon Grafix 450 Maximum Heat Protect Spray?

Whenever a hair care brand announces a product that claims to be the “first, most amazing hair product ever!” I’m always instantly skeptical. So when Salon Grafix released the “first 450 degree thermal protection spray in the industry,” I wasn’t 100 percent convinced it would be as groundbreaking as the company made it seem. (In fact, a quick search revealed a similar product by Bain de Terre.) But of course, I had to test it out for myself to really see how it works.

In theory, heat protecting hair care products seem to make a lot of sense. When I think of all the abuse I put my strands through on a daily basis — scorching blow-outs with my Babyliss Pro followed with my high-heat Hana Elite Flat Iron — then I wonder why my hair hasn’t already broken off into tiny frizzy stubs. But it also makes me wonder what exactly makes them work.

According to Salon Grafix, 450 Maximum Heat Protect Spray’s protection lies in a “secret ingredient” –VP/DMAPA Acrylates Copolymer, which “delivers excellent hold and conditioning effects to hair.” However, after some other quick research on this wonderful little gem of a search engine — Google — it appears that many types of oils and silicones found in all sorts of hair serums and sprays will help protect your hair from heat.

What can save your strands from daily blow-outs?

Okay, so how does Salon Grafix’s heat protector hold up?  After thoroughly spraying my strands with the ultra-fine mist (side note: it makes me sneeze uncontrollably for some reason), I was ready to fire away with my Babyliss Pro. I noticed a difference instantly, as my hair seemed to “behave” better as I began to blow it out. The subtle hold the product provides really helps keep hair in check while avoiding any sticky feeling that some standard hairsprays give.

The other difference? Well, my hair started smoking. Yes, smoking.  For a product that was designed to protect my hair from heat, it certainly wasn’t giving me a lot of confidence since the product itself seemed to literally be burning up during the blow-out! Of course, it was also showing me how hot the blow dryer would have been ON MY HAIR if the product hadn’t been there to coat it and protect. Eek!

While it’s physically impossible for me to know whether or not the spray caused my hair to break/split/damage less than if I hadn’t been using it, I can say it definitely didn’t hurt. That said, you won’t find me running out to buy it. But you tell me — do you swear by a special heat protector, or do you think these products are full of hot air?

Photos: Salon Grafix; Babyliss Pro

  • Beau T

    I have used the Chi Iron Guard for the past year, but the Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Protectant is MUCH better. The Chi Iron Guard makes my hair sticky and dry. This Shielo spray seems so vitamin-enriched, it's super lightweight and makes my hair smooth and shiny, plus IT SMELLS AMAZING!!!! I want to wear it as perfume. LOL. The Chi Iron Guard doesn't smell good at all. Honestly this stuff hasn't only protected my hair from heat, but makes my hair look so much more healthy. I'm so happy I found this!

    By the way, I have wavy, fine hair. Hair that curls/frizzes when exposed to humidity or wet. So, this definitely works on my type of hair.

  • Guest

    Hi Anne,

    My "go to" product for heat is FHI Heat "Hot Sauce". This product is amazing and a little goes a long way. I apply right before I blow dry my hair and my hair feels like silk after I'm done! 🙂

    • annehouseman

      Interesting — love the name! I might have to check that out. 🙂