Every Girl’s Dream: B.LO Cosmetics Mascara and False Lashes

Have you ever imagined owning your own cosmetic company? Learn how college sophomore Brittany Lo made her dream come true and discover her products today!

Think back to when you were a young girl. Your mother would apply her prettiest red lipstick and mascara before an evening out.  While you sat watching in awe, dreams would dance in your head of one day owning your own makeup, or even better, owning your own makeup company. For college student Brittany Lo, hard work and ambition was all it took to make this childhood fantasy become a glamorous reality.

Brittany Lo, college student and cosmetics company founder

Brittany was only seventeen years old when she decided to take the leap and start her own cosmetic company, B.LO.  Her goal is to create products that are both environmentally safe while making women beautiful at the same time. Brittany kicked off her company by creating an all-natural mascara as well as a line of fake lashes to represent all she wanted B.LO to be.

I was nicely sent both the all-natural mascara as well as a pair of the B.LO lashes to see just how beautiful they could make what I’m constantly told are my “big doll eyes.”

B.LO all-natural mascara and false eye lashes

As an eye makeup fanatic, I was excited to see how the products would mix in with my usual daily eye makeup. Just as I expected, I fell in love with the B.LO mascara. The product made my eyelashes look three times as long as they do with other mascaras and I felt proud knowing this product was eco-friendly.  I wore the B.LO lashes on a night out on the town and immediately felt the glamour of a celebrity who wears false lashes regularly. Many people complimented me for how perfect my eye makeup looked, and I can credit that to the B.LO lashes!

B.LOW in action

Not only does Brittany offer great beauty products for her company, but she also offers a variety of beauty services. Whether it’s for a wedding or just a fun girls night, Brittany would love to make over any woman with her professional talents.

B.LO mascara is retailed at $14.99, and the lashes at $8.99. All products and services are available at http://www.blocosmetics.com/.

Two years later, the Babson college sophomore takes pride in the success of her company.  Brittany hopes to add to her cosmetic line and continue to build a company with many loyal followers. So why not become a B.LO fan today? I know I have!