Go Green With EMANI

When I was younger, I used liquid foundation but when the mineral craze happened, I quickly switched over. Minerals were supposed to be better for my skin, so of course I was sold. So if minerals are so good for your skin, why would cosmetic company EMANI Minerals drop the word “minerals” from their name, leaving their name as solely EMANI?

According to EMANI, after 13 years of leading the mineral movement they have decided to drop the word “minerals” from their name because of “abuse and overuse” of the word “minerals” in the cosmetic industry. EMANI states that there aren’t rules for what comprises mineral makeup, which allows for anyone to use the word “mineral.” Some ingredients that EMANI uses are grapefruit extract, green tea, honeysuckle, and 100% organic flower oils. Their respective counterparts in other cosmetic brands are isopropyl and triclosan, petrolatum, talc, paraben or nitrosodiethanolamine, and mineral oil and butylated hydroxytoluene. If I wasn’t already thrilled by the fact that I could actually pronounce the ingredients in EMANI cosmetics, I certainly was after I tried some of their vegan friendly products.


Organic Lip Shine in “Name Dropper” is a hot-pink vegan lip gloss that will catch anyone’s eye. According to EMANI it’s a long lasting lip gloss that is infused with Vitamin E, organic fruit and oils to moisturize lips. It stayed on my lips the entire night and to say the color popped is a serious understatement. It is great for a night out! For daytime, more subtle colors are available such as Social Climber, Beauty Queen, Rock Groupie and Ski Bunny. The glosses retail at $16.00 and can be found at EMANI.

Name Dropper

I also tried their Bronzer & Highlighter, which retails at $32.00. I am usually very skeptical of bronzers because I’ve never found one that has been a great match to my skin tone. I feel like bronzers make me look orange but EMANI’s Bronzer & Highlighter was literally the perfect fit. I cannot tell you happy I was once I tried it because I have been on the search for a good bronzer for years. EMANI says it is great for all skin tones and depending on how you apply it, you can use it as a blush or a bronzer. I highly recommend trying this product by EMANI because it ended my search for the perfect bronzer after many, many years.

I’ve only tried these two products from EMANI but I am eager to try more! I was extremely impressed with the quality of their cosmetics and recommend their products for anyone who likes high-quality, long lasting makeup.