High Fashion, Low Maintenance: Truth Art Beauty

Our style mantra: Fashion and beauty are for everyone, no matter how busy your schedule or how small your budget may be. We represent the fashionista who has places to go, people to see, or just likes to sleep in a few extra hours. There’s no reason to run to class in sweats and unblushed cheeks when glamour can be achieved with just a little extra effort. Check here as Chelsea unveils quick tricks and perfect products that can update your look in a hot second, without breaking your budget.

Want to design your own beauty products made of the freshest organic ingredients? Um, YES!!

Truth Art Beauty gets your creative and organic juices flowing with its online service that lets you customize the fragrant and fruity ingredients you want in your beauty products.  With an endless array of possible combinations, you can design your own or shop Truth Art Beauty’s amazing recommended blends.

There are four different natural products available to design on Truth Art Beauty.  The Eye Balm is designed to gently care for your most delicate skin:

And the Face Nourish spray keeps skin hydrated and healthy, not greasy.

The Body Salve spray can be used on skin all over your body, as well as the exfoliating and nourishing Body Buff.

With ingredients like oils from apricots, macadamia nuts and raspberries, your products will sound good enough to eat, and will be purely nourishing for your body.  Truth Art Beauty is committed to provided only pure, natural and organic products that are certified good for your skin.

Truth Art Beauty promises there is no way to make a wrong combination, and if you don’t like your customized product, they offer a full refund.  These customized products make amazing gifts, and right now, the site is offering free shipping on purchases over $50.

Photos: Truth Art Beauty
Disclaimer: Products furnished complimentary for review purposes