Long-Lasting Liner: Sephora Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner

My greatest find on Black Friday wasn’t an expensive new pair of boots or a bag. It was eyeliner. Yes, eyeliner. Although it wasn’t what I had originally planned on as being my best Black Friday purchase, I have to say, it was.

Sephora Cream Eyeliners: Top - "Bewitch Me" & "Rags to Riches" Bottom - "Water Park"

After an unsuccessful Black Friday, seeing how I wasn’t finding any great deals on anything I really loved, I headed to Sephora with my friends. No matter what, I can always find something I want to spend money on at Sephora. Cue my friend Tina, who introduced me to a kind of eyeliner that I had never used before: cream liner.

Having had used a cream liner by MAC, Tina swore by it. After a long night of dancing and having her picture taken at a family party, her eyeliner was still on and miraculously it seemed, without any smudging. I constantly find myself reapplying my eyeliner throughout the night, so I decided I needed to have this liner.

Since Sephora doesn’t carry MAC, I couldn’t get the exact liner Tina had used but regardless, I love my liner from Sephora. The Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner from Sephora comes in a .15oz pot, which looks small, but you only need to use a small amount each time. Take a small liner brush, like this one, and dip it gently into the pot.

Sephora-Classic Angled Liner Brush #15: Price $14.00

It’s not necessary to use a lot of cream, so just let the ends of the bristles dip slightly into the surface of the cream. Use the brush the same way you would use a pencil liner.

I used this liner in “Must Have,” which is matte black.

Sephora-Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner in "Must Have": Price $10.00

But there are tons of other colors such as cobalt, violet and sea green. It’s $10.00, which is similar to the price of pencil liners that I have used in the past. This cream liner did not smudge at all and looked the same at the end of my night as it did when I applied it. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a pencil liner after being amazed by this cream liner. If you want to try long-lasting eyeliner, I suggest you definitely give this Sephora Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner a shot.

Photos: Sephora