Review: IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Volumizing Mascara Duo

For me, mascara is an absolutely essential component of my daily beauty regimen. In fact, a tube of mascara might just be the single most important product I keep in my make up bag. I use it in every situation, from topping off a sultry evening look, to swiping some on when I’m running late and trying to get out the door. Mascara is what finishes a look and helps me to feel more polished for any occasion.

Oddly enough, as devoted as I am to mascara, I haven’t found one particular kind that has earned my undying dedication. I’ve tried a wide variety of mascaras. Some cheap ones from the drugstore, some overpriced ones and others that fall somewhere in between. However, none ever seemed to be just right. When I buy mascara, I need it to perform miracles, so needless to say my standards are a bit high.

I read a description for IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Volumizing Mascara Duo and finally it sounded like I had found the mascara that could potentially fulfill my specifications. According to IT Cosmetics, “Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Treatment Mascara revolutionizes and takes the place of five products–volumizing mascara; conditioning, hydrating lash primer; lash-enhancing serum; lash tint; and a lash comb/curler! Hello Lashes offers the blackest of black color that lasts and doesn’t flake or fade.”

Hello Lashes

Of course this all sounds amazing, but I certainly had my doubts and decided to give the product a try for myself. I can happily say that after using this mascara just one time, I became a bonafide believer.

Look at that wand!

I love to make an strong impact using eye make up and I was pleasantly surprised by how long and dark this product made my lashes look without being cakey or clumpy. The lash ball detailer at the tip of the wand is perfect for getting those small, hard to reach lashes at the corners of your eyes that tend to get neglected. If I’m wearing eye shadow and liner, this mascara compliments the other products perfectly. On the days that I dare to go bare, Hello Lashes can stand-alone and still give me the fresh, polished look I crave.

This mascara is almost magical

Thanks to Hello Lashes, I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found the one.

Photo: IT Cosmetics; Disclosure