Revive Damaged Hair with the new John Frieda Full Repair Collection

I put my hair through a lot.  Blow drying, flat ironing, curling and coloring; after some time all these added up and my hair was left looking a little limp and a lot damaged.  Thankfully, the hair geniuses at John Frieda developed a line of hair care products designed to rejuvenate and repair damaged hair: Full Repair.

How could the man that brought us Frizz Ease steer us wrong?  Frieda’s Full Repair line features an array of products that tackles damage caused my heat styling and coloring from every angle. The Full Repair manta: Reverse damage.  Revive your style.

The first step to Full Repair is the Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner.

Both are formulated with Omega-rich Inca Inchi oil, adding needed volume and bounce to overworked hair.  Just after one use my hair was much smoother, and noticeably-fewer tangles made it a lot easier to brush my hair.  Be sure to follow the bottle’s tip and leave conditioner in for at least two minutes to achieve the full effect.

Next, I used Perfect Ends Deep Infusion and Perfect Ends Sheer Mist on my damp hair.

Perfect Ends Deep Infusion is a serum designed for medium-textured hair.  The product is absorbed instantly into hair, instead of coating the surface, reversing damage and protecting the hair from heat styling.  The Perfect Ends Sheer Mist similarly offers weightless repair, but is designed for fine-textured hair, like mine, and comes in spray form.  I love both these products because they focus on my number one problem spot, my dreaded ends.  When applying, I concentrated on my ends and they definitely looked a lot neater when styled.  This is a great guard against breakage caused by flat ironing.

Damaged hair is dull hair and John Frieda challenges this by enticing height out of your hair with the Protecting Root Lift Foam.

A weightless and flexible foam, this product is applied directly to the roots for instant va-va-voom.  I knew this product worked when my friend immediately noticed my hair was looking extra voluminous just after the first time I used it.

In my opinion, the handiest product in the Full Repair line is the Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer.

As small and discrete as a tube of mascara, the Flyaway Tamer is perfect for on-the-go touchups.  Flyaways can pop up at any moment and totally ruin a look.  This easy to use, clear formula can be every girl’s pocket lifesaver.


Photos: John Frieda
Disclaimer: Products furnished complimentary for review purposes