Save Face, Support Skin Cancer Research With Cover FX

If you’ve ever over-imbibed in the summer sun, Cover FX wants to help you save face — both with its tinted moisturizer and brightening primer, and with a donation to fund skin cancer research.

And we at BX need to save face ourselves. I have to admit that while in recent years, I’ve been practicing safe sun, that hasn’t always been the case. But when you consider the statistics about sun protection, I have no idea why it took me so long. So, it’s time to absolve myself from my skin care sins.

To spread the word about the causes of skin cancer, through the remainder of June, Cover FX will make donations to The Skin Cancer Foundation in United States. You can contribute to the cause in three simple ways:

While many companies require a purchase to make a donation, I like that Cover FX lets you show your support with a simple click of the mouse. And if you want to make a larger donation by buying an amazing tinted moisturizer or primer — even better. Trust me — you can’t go wrong with these multi-tasking products that do their intended jobs AND protect you against the sun with built-in SPF.

I recently tested  SkinTint FX ($42) for the first time thanks to our friends at Cover FX, and I have to say it’s a summer must-have.

This tinted moisturizer and skin treatment is the perfect sheer solution to when you want a hint of color but don’t want to wear full foundation. It’s great applied alone or with spot-treating concealer over your “trouble areas” (aka zits for me), and if you must wear foundation, you can even put it on under that, since it feels just like a smooth cream. It’s also not heavy or thick on the moisturizing end, so you won’t feel like you just dipped your face in a tub of Crisco before venturing out into balmy temps.

So don’t delay (like I did in writing up this post — whoops!), and save face with Cover FX before June ends.

SkinTint FX and BritePrep FX ($45) are available in select Sephora stores,, Naimies,, and

Photos: Cover FX

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    It's really important for everyone to practice safe sun! Your product it seems to be a good one and I definitely appreciate the thing you offer donations for skin cancer researchs.