Score A Natural Looking Faux Glow with Beautisol Self Tanner

How do you know when a self tanner is good — like REALLY good? Well, if you’re me, it’s obvious when:

1.  I get compliments and questions about “where I went on vacation.”

2.  My husband doesn’t crinkle up his nose when I slip into bed beside him (he does this for almost every self tanner on the market).

3.  My new bottle of Beautisol Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanning Lotion gets swiped by my sister who came for a visit.

And while I’m pleasantly surprised that Beautisol worked as well as it should — I really shouldn’t be, since the brand came highly recommended by my beauty blogging buddy Kelly Gould of Gouldylox Reviews. As the intrepid fair-skinned redhead that she is, I should have trusted her word when Kelly swore up and down that Beautisol doesn’t turn you orange, yet I was still hesitant to try out yet another self tanner that made big claims but had busted results.

How wrong I was.

When I first opened up the beautiful package sent by the brand, I was instantly impressed that Beautisol offers unique facial self-tanners made for different skin types. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin or anything in between, Beautisol has you covered. I love this customizable approach, because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a self tanner that was too dry and only accentuated the dry spots on my face with little dark patches. Problem solved.

The Beautisol Pump Guide instructs you on how much lotion to use.

But it’s the deep body self tanner by Beautisol that really raised my brows (which I quickly lowered lest I get deeper forehead wrinkles). Beautisol’s Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanning Lotion  ($39) is a brown tinted lotion that acts almost like a body makeup, so you can see an instant bronze color when you apply it. Like all self tanners, it’s best to apply it right after exfoliating in the shower (Beautisol has a great exfoliator as well), wearing gloves to avoid the dreaded “muddy palm” look. The lotion dries quickly, so rub it in immediately.

One of the best parts about Beautisol Summer Glow — it really doesn’t smell that bad at all. I feel like it has a fresh linen-like scent, which the company says is due to its “pure scent technology that eliminates processing smell up to 80 percent.” Regardless of what it is supposed to smell like, I just know that it didn’t repel me from my husband, even when I asked him to take an up-close sniff.

Of course, the real test came a few hours later, after the paraben-free formula had time to process into the “tan.” After looking into the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. No oompa loompas to be found — only my own beautifully bronzed face staring me back. And when my sister came to visit for a few days, she took one look at me and insisted she try it for herself. After two applications in a row (I only did one), this was the result:


Me (left) and my sister (right).

Beautisol was a BIG hit with my sister who wouldn’t stop talking about now natural looking her results were during her entire visit, and she ended up leaving with my bottle. (P.S. She wouldn’t send me her “before” shot…or at least she wasn’t going to get around to it soon enough for my liking, so you’ll have to trust me that we were both pretty pale in comparison to these results.)

After seeing the results first hand, I stand behind Beautisol 100 percent. It doesn’t have any hint of orange, and I’ve only found one other deep self tanner on the market that rivals its results: Xen-Tan. I’ve been singing the praises of Xen-Tan for years since I first reviewed it here, and now, I’ll also be recommending Beautisol as one of my “must haves.”

All Beautisol products are paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, sodium laureth/laurel sulfate-free and cruelty-free (PETA certified). You can purchase Beautisol products online at


Photos: Beautisol; Anne Houseman/BeautyXpose

  • guest

    … i'm sorry. it looks orange to me. hopefully just a lighting issue? :-/

  • Kelly

    Would I ever lead you wrong? 🙂 So glad you love it!

  • Amy

    She's right- I can't get over how much I love this product. I returned to NY and continue to be asked where I went on vacation. In fact, I just reapplied (2 weeks later), and all of my co-workers thought I went away AGAIN this weekend! Thanks for the bottle, sis.
    -Anne's sister 🙂