Take a Big Gulp of “Skin Drink by LUSH”

By guest blogger Natali Walker

Skin drink by LUSH is my all-time favorite nighttime facial moisturizer. When you first open the container, it looks like a thick, tinted moisturizer. However, when you apply it, there is no color, no grease, absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. The reason I don’t wear it during the day is because of its lack of SPF (yes, ladies, I don’t leave the house without it).

LUSH Skin Drink

Skin Drink contains a lot of beneficial natural ingredients, like avocado, aloe, and sesame oil. It smells amazing and is definitely worth trying if you have desert-dry skin like me.

Now the downside… the price. For a struggling post-grad like myself, Skin Drink is a bit steep ($22.99). The good news is, a little bit goes such a long way. I mean, I travel an hour away to get this stuff! It’s that good. And I’m not the only one — my friend used it on a dry spot on her face and said it’s the only moisturizer that helped. Miracle cream, I tell you!

Natali Walker is not your ordinary beauty product fanatic. She recently got back from an internship studying bats and other critters in Vermont, during which she spent ten whole months not wearing a speck of makeup! However, she’s making up for lost time now that she’s not in the rugged outdoors — experimenting with colorful eyeshadows, shopping for cool cosmetics, watching makeup tutorials, and now doing product reviews.