Be an AVEENO ‘Active Natural,’ Make a Difference in our World

Recently, we let you know that BeautyXpose was chosen to be an AVEENO brand ambassador. And with a brand that is so committed to enriching our bodies and our planet, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to support them in any way we can.

So now, dear BX readers, as part of this partnership, AVEENO is hoping we can all jump in and make a difference in our world with the new AVEENO Be an Active Natural campaign.

What does that mean? Well, the gist is that AVEENO has committed to using ingredients derived from nature like soy, feverfew, oats, shiitake and more (they call them ACTIVE NATURALs) in order to make a difference in our personal wellness and beauty, while being kind to our planet. And by making small changes in our own lives, we can contribute to the ACTIVE NATURAL movement.

AVEENO invites us to pledge to take small changes in our lives that can transform the world around us, one step at a time.

Great — so how do you do that? It’s simple, really. Each month, the AVEENO Facebook page will feature a few simple pledges to choose from based on a theme.

This month is all about cleaning our air, so I pledged to get a houseplant to purify my home’s air, but you can also choose to educate others on how to clean the air or to plant a tree to lower CO2 emissions in your town.

As a personal thanks for your pledge, AVEENO has partnered with Recyclebank, which rewards members for making green choices. For each AVEENO pledge you make, you’ll accrue Recyclebank points that you can redeem for coupons and discounts on AVEENO products (you just have to sign up with Recyclebank to get your goodies).

We’ve made our first pledge — how about you? Join the movement and share with your friends, and together we can make a beautiful difference!


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