Colorblock Your Wardrobe

It seems as though everyone is flocking towards the colorblocking trend, but rightfully so. Why wear a piece of clothing in one of your favorite colors when you can wear a dress, shirt or shorts in two, three or even four of your favorite colors?

I happened to be perusing around in Urban Outfitters recently looking for some summer dresses to keep cool in and found this adorable number.  I was in love!  I was fully aware that the colorblocking trend was spreading quickly, but I had not exactly bought into it until I spotted that Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Dress tucked away in one of Urban’s many clothing racks.

By now, most designers have figured out the right recipes to combining blues with greens or pinks with purples- a few have even dared to mix purple and red (successfully!).  But, it’s not just clothing that has been colorblocked lately – bags, bracelets and even bathing suits have joined in on the fun.  Check out some of these cute dresses and accessories and pick out your favorite color combination!


Cheerful Color Combinations

1. ASOS 2. ASOS 3. Madewell 4. Marc Jacobs 5. Urban Outfitters

What is your favorite way to colorblock this summer?