Crazy for Tights: Part 2

Brr…it sure is cold out. Tights have been my staple this past week, under my pants and leggings to keep my legs a little bit warmer. Last week, I talked about tights and how they can be worn to work and for play. This week, I am going to go into a little more of the specifics that we typically don’t even think about.

Sheerness of Tights

“Denier” is the number associated with how sheer nylons are. This is referring to thickness and weight of the nylons. The higher the denier, the more opaque tights are, while the lower denier number, the sheerer your tights will be.

Typically, for work, opaque tights are the right choice. Semi-opaque tights are outdated, show more leg, and frankly just aren’t as flattering on most bodies. Opaque tights have a denier of about 40 or greater. Any tights with a denier less than 40 are considered pantyhose or fine tights. Opaque tights are not completely transparent, but you can see through them.

opaque tights

These tights are wonderful at making your legs look fabulous. Opaque tights accentuate the positives on people and look great on just about everyone. Black opaque tights are a strong favorite, alongside the bright wonderful colored tights we discussed last week.

Sheer tights can also be referred to as panty hose and nylons.They are made with a denier of less than 30, but usually more than five.

sheer tights

These are extremely thin, and typically rip when anything touches them. My nails are typically the destroyer of my sheer tights, allowing me to only wear them a couple of times. These tights typically show off your skin a little more, while giving them a tiny bit of color.  These are still a great pair of tights; however, right now opaque tights are more fashionable.

NOTE: Remember, when you are wearing bold tights the human eye will be attracted to your legs first. If you like your legs, go ahead and wear the bright striped pattern tights. If you are not as big of a fan of your legs as other parts of your body, maybe go for a solid color opaque tight as opposed to a fun bold patterned pair.

Control Top:

For those who are self conscious of their stomach or butt, control top nylons are a great choice for you. They provide extra support to those areas.  One aspect of these that a lot of women love is that underwear lines vanish. The control top is typically a lycra material, allowing the nylons to be extra restrictive.  Please, understand that while they work, they are not miracle workers. They will give you a little more hold, and a little less sagging.

Spanx are a type of control top tights.

spanx tights

It is a brand that offers women a variety of body shaping pieces that range from underwear to bras and everything in between. Some find these very uncomfortable, while others swear by them. If you are looking for tights with great protection and ones will give you a lot of support, test these control top tights out.

NOTE: Make sure to buy the size that fits you. If you are a plus size, who cares — make sure you buy your correct size or else you will be very uncomfortable all day. Height is an important factor in buying tights. You want them to be long enough without being uncomfortable. Yes, tights stretch, but they can only stretch so much. Make sure you read the size charts on each package of tights.

Toe-less Tights:

Open toe booties and heels have been very big throughout the past couple years. While some think having a little bit of your opaque tights pop through the peep-toe front is cute, others do not. Luckily, tights have come up with a solution for you: open toe tights. They are regular tights, that typically stop mid foot or ankle, depending on the pair, to allow your toenails to shine through your cute shoes.

toeless tights

There are also stirrup tights, which still allow your toes to be on display for everyone.  I find having a stirrup under my foot slightly uncomfortable. If you do not though, these are a great solution, as well.

NOTE: If you are going to have your toes pop through your peep-toe shoes, make sure they are polished and clean looking.  You don’t want to ruin a very polished, pretty look with ugly toes that will gross your client or mate out.

Hope this information helps a little next time you go shopping for a pair of tights!

Photos: Opaque tights – Wolford; Sheer tights – Gap; Control top tights – Spanx; Toe-less tights – Calvin Klein