Fall Must-Haves

As I’m sure we have all noticed, fashion trends tend to repeat themselves. After looking through previews for upcoming fall lines, it seems as though the fashion industry is moving back into the “masculine as feminine” trend-featuring items such as tweed blazers and dark grey dresses and skirts. Honestly, I was a skeptic of dressing in “manly” threads, but with the right accessories, I really have become a fan.

When shopping, I always try to purchase separate pieces that I can pair up with whatever I already have packed away in my closets. I tend to stick to purchasing solid colored clothing with a few stand out pieces and some classy accessories that can be used to tie the outfit all together and quite frankly, the clothing coming out for the upcoming season is making it really quite simple-bold dresses (my favorite) and understated accessories.

I’ve searched the internet and found some fall staples and a bunch of cute, yet classy accessories to go with them. It was hard to narrow my choices down, but here are some of my favorite picks!

My Fall Must-Haves

1. American Eagle 2. Aldo 3. ASOS 4. Hallelu 5. Zara

Readers, what are some of your fall season staples?