Life’s a Beach: 4 Hot Summer Beach Looks

With the beginning of July comes many things – patriotism, melting popsicles, and best of all, perfect beach days! I remember as a young girl I’d wake up in the summer with an extra glow on my face knowing what a fun-filled day the beach had waiting for me. I’d throw on my floral bikini with a simple pink sundress over it and anxiously help my family pack up the car for a day of sand and sun.

As I got older, I realized just how many stylish and unique options there are for dressing for the beach. While current brands and boutiques continue to introduce more summer-ready clothing options, we as women have an endless variety of mix-and-match items to wear as beach outfits. For whatever style you may be feeling the day you decide to take a beach trip, I can guarantee you there is a beach look that will compliment that favorite bikini of yours beautifully!

With the comeback of the maxi dress, the Bohemian beach look just got a whole lot easier! Throw on a simple cotton maxi dress paired with a sleek pair of aviators for a relaxed look. Headwraps are also becoming a very popular accessory of a beach outfit. Choose a bright-colored patterned one to play up the subtlety of the maxi dress as well as to keep all that gorgeous wind-blown beachy hair out of your eyes.


1. Headscarf 2. Sunglasses 3. Maxi Dress

Casual Mod:
For an effortlessly cool look, wear a light-weight white t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts. Instantly add a retro spin to this staple beach look by wearing a bright colored flip-flop and a fun pair of shades like the ones below. You’ll instantly be spotted for your unique accessories, and just how Gaga do those sunglasses scream?

Casual Mod

1. Top 2. Jean Shorts 3. Flip Flops 4. Sunglasses

The sailor stripes and stars of a nautical look have made their way into being a popular and chic beach look. For a lazy day on your best friend’s sailboat, wear a navy striped romper or sundress with a jelly sandal. Add on a classic beach hat, such as a simple fedora, to keep that strong summer sun out of your eyes. Try an anchor necklace as the finishing touch to your nautical look, and you’ll be ready to spend your day at sea in comfort and style.


1. Fedora 2. Sandals 3. Necklace 4. Romper

Classic Girly:
No matter what occasion we are given to dress for, it is undoubtedly a fact that we all want to be in touch with our inner feminine side. To get noticed by the cute guys playing beach volleyball, try a light pink tunic with a floppy sunhat.  Pair with over-sized sunglasses for a glamorous, flirty look that will leave you feeling pretty in pink!

Classic Girly

1. Hat 2. Top 3. Sunglasses

Which beach look will you choose for your next day by the shore? Before you hit the sun though, don’t forget the most important beach accessory of all — sunscreen!