Pretty in Pleats

Whenever I think of pleated anything, I think of school uniforms. I’ve stayed away from pleats my entire life because of this, but I might have to try them now. Despite the trend of women’s fashion having a masculine aspect this season, women are still wearing classically pretty pleats.

Even though it may seem like pleats are strictly for kids, pleats have been transformed lately so that they they’re soft and feminine. Made with lighter fabrics such as chiffon and cut in slimmer styles, pleats are finally flattering.

Urban Outfitters has a lot of cute pleated skirts and dresses like the Sparkle & Fade Pleated Chiffon Miniskirt and the Shakuhachi Pleated Dress. These pleated pieces are casual and cute. Paired with patterned tights, they’re great for fall.

Zara has Pleated Trousers that are perfect to wear with flats.

Zara Pleated Trousers

This Pleated Top, which can also be found at Zara, works well under a blazer. The best part about both of these pieces is that the pleats are subtle, so pairing the trousers and the top together isn’t too overwhelming.

If you really love the pleated look, check out H&M. Their collection is full of pleated skirts, dresses, tops and even shorts.

H&M Pleated Chiffon Skirt
H&M Pleated Dress

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t wear shorts. Wearing black tights underneath them will keep you warm, all while looking cute.

H&M Pleated Shorts

Even though pleats have never been consistently popular, they’re a huge trend this season. Forget your notions of pleats being only appropriate for school uniforms and try this look!

Do you think pleats are pretty or are they just juvenile?