The Tale of a Rose Gold Fanatic

At the beginning of May, I jetted to Miami to visit a friend who recently moved to the mini paradise that is Southern Florida. As eager as I was to soak up some sun on South Beach for my pale Bostonian skin, I was even more excited for the mega shopping trip to ensue.

While I walked around the Grove looking through every boutique, I noticed many different women wearing jewelry in a color I had only spotted a few times before. This color was rose gold – a beautiful mix of pink and gold metal to create a color that looks like champagne, or well, a rose! The way the jewelry glistened in the Florida sun and complimented a nice summer’s tan was flawless. It then became my fashion mission to find a piece of rose gold jewelry for myself before the end of the trip.

Lucky enough for me, it didn’t take more than an hour to stumble upon a gorgeous rose gold pendant covered in Swarovski crystals at a very trendy boutique. I immediately tried the necklace on in the clear crystals and then the navy crystals. Both were beautiful, but I decided on the clear crystals since I loved the way it sparkled and complimented the rose gold chain.

Once back in Boston, I received endless compliments on my rose gold necklace. Everyone from my best of friends to the woman at the coffee shop stopped to admire the unusual and stunning color that is rose gold. Even better, the necklace matches perfectly with my work wardrobe so I am able to wear it many times a week!

As more and more women are being introduced to rose gold, the bigger the phenomenon is becoming! Keep in mind that rose gold is not only limited to the necklace form as I talked about before, but also is a popular color for watches, bracelets, and even hair pins. Check out some of my favorite rose gold jewelry pieces below and start sporting some of your very own today!

Glittering Rose Gold

1. Fossil 2. Macys 3. Marc Jacobs 4. Nordstrom 5. Nordstrom 6. Nordstrom

  • @daly_beauty

    Love love love. So pretty! I think a rose gold watch is in my future. Do you remember the tri colour gold trend that was so big in…was it the 80s? My mum has a few old pieces of English gold that is pinkish. Lovely!

  • Monique Fuguet

    I love rose gold and have a few pieces I have treasured for years. Glad you are happy with your necklace!